After 6 months there is still new to see…

We looked at the calendar yesterday, and sure as hell, it has been 6 months since we moved here!! March 23rd, on a rainy cold day in Mountlake Terrace, we loaded the U-Haul and headed south. There are those who believed we would run out of things to do and be bored…

Not hardly!

Last night we went out to dinner and watched the Seahawks finally win a game all while watching the waves from atop the Inn at Spanish head. The Hawks distracted me from taking photos, but trust me I made up for it today!

While I was sitting there, I noticed the tide was going out. I have learned that each day, the low and high tides occur one hour later than the day before. So it hit me, the next day (today) the low tide would be happening after I was done at work. (Mondays always work out that I work later)

Then, later that evening, this occurred

YEP, a full moon! That means it would be a killer low low tide!

Editors note: YES we have a tide table hanging in the office, and yes there are the interwebs. But truth be told, I am enjoying being able to determine the tide strictly from observations of the waves and the sky, Science is cool! 

So as expected, the day was long and busy. I worked till almost five. Then my lovely bride made me pasta with homemade basil pesto. OMG YUM!!! After a huge helping and seconds, I needed the walk.

It did NOT disappoint.

I went north from Roads end in Lincoln City and crossed the rocks to my favorite place. I have been there many times before, but never had the tide been this low. For the first time ever I could walk to this.

I usually see it being hit by big waves, NOT high and try. Being me I had to go inside.

Geology is a wondrous thing. These rocks are solid basalt, hard as, well, hard as rock! But the relentless crashing of the surf carved a tunnel . And, I got to explore it. No wonder I love it here.

There was more though. Being the very low tide, it was the perfect conditions to spot starfish, my all time favorite tide pool creature, they were EVERYWHERE

And this guy, looks like he is standing up, just waiting for a bus to come by. My new bestest ever starfish pic!

(There was no posing of the star fishes. They were taken in their natural state)

Sadly, I knew the sun would be going down and I didn’t want to cross the rocks in the dark. so I started the 1.5 miles walk back. But the fun of the night was NOT over!

First, I spotted my friends the Sanderlings chowing down in the surf. These tiny little sand pipers are so much fun to watch. They are usually pretty timid, but the food tonight musta been yummy, they did not fly away as I got closer.

As I walked, I decided it was time for a weather report.

Yes I know, proof positive I can be a dork!

As I walked, the sun kept setting and it was an epic sunset. I did my best to capture it, but to truly appreciate it, you just have to be here and experience it.

So here it is, 6 months after the big move. I walk the beach a couple of times a week, I ride the bike as much as I can on the coast, and Michelle and I explore all the fun things to see. But, after 6 months, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of all there is to see and experience.

Soon it will be fall and winter. The rains and storms will come, and I can’t wait to throw on the Gortex and check out how angry the ocean can be.

YEP, I am very happy we moved here!

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