We will never know the answer….

Today was an exciting day. Michelle and I finally made time to get the DMV this morning. We walked out, eventually, with Oregon State Driver’s licenses! What does eventually mean? I didn’t know I needed to bring a birth certificate or passport with me!

In Washington, there is no proof of citizenship, but Oregon is different. A second after lunch trip meant I finally got mine!

It was a night to celebrate

After work we decided to have dinner at the Inn at Spanishhead.

We went up to Fathoms, the bar, to have dinner and enjoy the view.

It’s one of our favorite places to go for dinner. The view is just part of it.

While we were there and enjoying a glass of wine and talking, we looked down to see a guy with a big stick writing this.

It’s not the best picture, but it says “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” With a heart.

The guy had a big stick he used to write it and then ran inside when he was done.

He became the chat of the bar!

The first comment was. “Who was he proposing to??” There is no name! He could have ended up with women from up and down the hotel yelling YES!!!

Or, people who were there with people they want to be married to, could be turning to him and her now and saying “YES!!!!” When he or she had no intent on proposing this weekend. Awkward conversations could be occurring as I type…

Then there was the question about the tide. Is it coming in or out?!?!  What would happen if a rogue wave came in and wiped it out before the prospective spouse saw it?

Then we moved on to logistics.

Was the spouse looking out as he wrote this? Maybe he said “Honey, come out on the deck in 10 minutes!”

Or, as Michelle thought, was the spouse to be in the shower, and he was running up to the room to walk said spouse to the deck to look down with him there? Very romantic?

OK, I have to admit, I was VERY tempted to run to the beach and write NO!! under it….  Michelle stopped me.

What I loved the most was the way it affected the bar. In Seattle, people would have talked about it at their table, Here in Lincoln City it was a group chat.

We made sure the older ladies next to us saw it, they thought it was VERY sweet and hoped the answer was yes. The group behind us said “I’ve seen whales and seals, but never a proposal!!” It made for a fun lively dinner!

Sadly, we will never know. I am hoping there was a fairy tale ending, and huge kiss as a result of his efforts!! He probably has no idea we were all watching but we all wish him the best!

9 thoughts on “We will never know the answer….

  1. Ah, so very sweet! Tis always a wonder as to what you will find on the beach!

    Reminds me of the book “A Tale for the Time Being,” by Ruth Ozeki. Living on the beach, in the Pac NW, and enjoying the thrill of good finds turned up by the water, you may enjoy this book.

  2. I saw this happen on a beach just South of Cannon Beach three years ago. The guy didn’t have a camera, but I had mine. He asked me if I’d photgraph it happening. I took a bunch of pics of the event and sent them to him. She said Yes!

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