I’m an Oregonian!

So 6 months, damn almost 7 now, we moved to the Oregon Coast. In that time I have come to think of myself and as beach walking, wine drinking, coast cycling neighborhood walking nature spotting whale watching member of the Beaver State. (hehhehheh he said Beaver!)

But I was still sporting the Washington State Driver’s license. With the midterm elections coming up next month, we needed to register to vote. Here in Oregon, that means you get an Oregon License.

Now as we know, Michelle is the planner of the family! Good thing too!

I woulda just gone in blind. Hey I’ve been driving since I was 16, how hard could a test be??  She found practice tests, and made sure I practiced. Good thing too…

So Wednesday was the day. Now per our buddy Jesse, the DMV here in town is normally empty. Not so with us. We got there at 930 and it was packed! The problem was, being a small town, there is only one person working there, and they shut the office so he gets lunch, If we didn’t get to start our tests by 11 AM, we had to come back later.

tick tick tick….

Ok, so I was a bit worried…

However, there was something unexpected at the DMV. Now I may be stereotyping here, but in my experience this is a pretty damn good representation of the people behind the desk at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Not here.

This guy was a hoot. He had personality. He was moving through the people as fast as he could, but the whole time he was talking to them, and pretty much entertaining the rest of us. The place cracked up more than once.

My favorite story of his, thought inappropriate has to be shared:

There was this one lady who was in for a new license and about to get her picture taken. As she sat down, she told me, “I hope you do a better job than last time, because you made me ugly!”  In my head I first thought, “Wow, I didn’t know I had that power!” But then, I looked at her and I couldn’t help it, and almost said out loud, “Momma it’s too late, you are already ugly!!”

Yes I know… But damn it made me laugh!! Inappropriate Valente they call me!

So finally it was my turn with 10 minutes to spare! The form was filled out (by Michelle, so he could read it) and he asked me for my Passport or birth certificate… DAMN… I forgot, in Oregon you have to show proof of citizenship….

Luckily, the guy was nice. He coulda told me to come back later, take a new number and wait. Instead, he let me take the test, and told me to come back after lunch and come straight up to the front.

Can do!!

Michelle and I both passed! With flying colors. I came back after lunch, and got my License (Damned if he didn’t make me ugly too! ) And today, Michelle got us registered to vote! (Smart woman, she didn’t let me know I coulda registered as part of Oregon’s Pirate Party!)

So now I am official, in a week or so I need to replace the plates on the car, since the Washington plates will soon expire. But otherwise, I am now a card-carrying Oregonian!

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