Fall has hit!

Just a short quick post here. Lately I have been talking a lot about the fall weather here on the coast and how nice it has been

Shoot I haven’t even had to bust out the rain jacket. Well, that is until last night

Last night, we had a gale force wind warning, along with the prediction of heavy rain. We all know that the weather man is not ALWAYS correct, but in this case…

This went on for quite a few hours, it was VERY cool! I kept going out to the garage and opening the door, which is where I took the video, to watch the storm. We learned last night that the house is VERY well insulated. With the windows and doors closed, we honestly couldn’t hear the wind. This is a HUGE change from our old house!

We sleep with the windows open and all night, the wind and rain were pounding. for me, this kind of noise helps me sleep.

This morning, though there was a break in weather! I took the opportunity for a beach walk. Others chose a different way to enjoy the day after the rain


Even though the winds had died, and the skies you can see the waves were still crashing a might.

I tried to get a video, but each time I broke out the phone, the waves seemed to pause. So the pictures will have to do.

This was supposed to be a short-lived reprieve, as they all calling for more rain and small craft warnings today, (Though as of the typing of this, it is still dry outside. There are a few more clouds and the breeze is freshening, but still nice.)

During the walk, though, It did look like there were squalls off shore

So yep, Fall has arrived. It means I may have to ride the bike in the garage more and bust out the Gortex on the beach walks. But for us Coast Kids, it just means something else to experience and enjoy!


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