Loving a small town!

So, with November here, we are approaching 8 months as coast kids. Eight months of living in a small town of a little over 8000 people on the Oregon Coast


Day to day, working, running errands and just doing your everyday tasks, sometimes its easy fo forget things are different here. But then there are days like today that remind you…

It was a busy week at work this week. But then most weeks are. I’ve had to use my Dad voice to be stern with people as well as my little old lady voice, the one when speaking to little old ladies, more than once. Surprisingly though, even though it is November, the weather has been amazing. Last night’s beach walk had an incredible sunset.

I know sooner or later the rains will hit and the sun will disappear, but until then, I am loving this!

Today, though, was Friday. Michelle and I BOTH had a long day. We could have hung out at home, but many people call me “Bad influence Valente” so staying home was not an option.

One of our favorite places is the Red Roof in Gleneden Beach, just south of us. Somewhere in past, this building was a community church, but now it is a bakery in the morning and a wine bar on weekend evenings.

On my morning bike rides I will stop for snacks to keep me going


Ladies and gents, there is no better bakery on the Oregon Cost than the Redroof.

We like to go on Saturdays for their wine and pizza. It’s a great dinner and a couple of hours with fun people. Over the months we have been accepted into the clan. The owners and the workers know us by name and seem to like us coming around.

So tonight, after a huge lunch from Oscars (KILLER burritos) we didn’t want dinner, but a glass of wine sounded good. Off to the Red Roof we went!

So there we were. Robb and Robert were working the bakery, Mike was behind the bar and the owners, Sherry and Wllda were at the bar with us sipping wine. It was a great group to hang out with.

So, given all this, why is this blog worthy?

Well, tonight, the owners and Mike were testing a new wine. It was a red blend from J Scott that they want to carry as a regular offering. These guys pride themselves on good but inexpensive wines.

So, I asked, being curious, “How is it?”

Well I expected them to tell me what they thought. Instead, Mike handed me a glass and the bottle and said, “Poor yourself some, what do you think?”


Ladies and gents I have been a member of Dusted Valley

And Chandler Reach

For YEARS!! Never once have they ever handed me a bottle and said poor yourself a taste…

But we are a small town, members of the clan, and have earned our place at the bar.

I poured a small splash, and it was pretty damn good! We gave it thumbs up.

It’s not the fact we got free wine. Its the fact that we are treated as family that makes a difference. We were all sitting, talking, and it just felt right.

I love living in a small town!

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