There were some first time evers today…

Ladies and gents, we looked at the calendar last week and realized that this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving. That means it is November. Here in the northwest, both Seattle and the Oregon Coast, November is supposed to be the rainiest and wettest month of the year. Sometimes in Seattle it rains so much water comes OUT of the drains.

This year, we have had maybe two days of rain all month…

We keep seeing the weather app tell us its going to rain next week. But then the week happens we get a day like this (today)

Don’t get me wrong, being able to walk the beach in shorts and a t-shirt in November rocks. But we better get rain soon… Or next year will suck as far as fire danger. Earlier this week we had smoke from the Camp Fire in Northern CA.

I don’t want smoke from our own come next summer…

Before I get more into today, the night sky has been incredibly cool as well.

With less light pollution as well as people pollution in the sky, the moon and stars seem to just call to you.

So, today is Saturday. We decided to jump on our errands early. We made the Starbuck run and then went straight to Safeway. By 8:30 AM we had everything put away and errands were done!

After breakfast, we decided to go out for the beach walk.

It was perfect weather for both a walk, and evidently surfing!

Our favorite shorebirds, the Sanderlings, were out as well, we love seeing these little guys run in and out with the waves.

We each had brought a coat thinking it would be cold by the water. Yeah, it wasn’t. I was carrying the coats on way back. A perfect day. Hell, I had colder days in August.

When we got home, it was time for the first of the firsts of the day.

One rule we have is the Christmas lights get up before Thanksgiving. This means Thanksgiving night, the lights can turn on for the beginning of the Christmas season. This was the first time to put them up on the new house.

Now, in the past, I have had to pick the driest weekend day of the month to get it done. More than once I have had to have rain gear, or gloves, or, quite often, BOTH, to get the lights up. Not today….

This was the second first. For the first time ever, I  worked up a sweat. The sun was out, and hitting right on the front of the house. Shoot I was worried about getting a stinkin sunburn! We had to make a run to Ace Hardware for one more strand, but we are up and ready.

Finally the last first of the day. Every weekend I make fresh food for Norbert, our hummingbirds (we call them all Norbert)

Well today, I brought in the feeders, cleaned them out, refilled them with fresh food, and went out to hang them back up.

When I went outside, the neighbors were out playing frisbee (it is spring time in November you know! ) so I stopped to talk to them.

Suddenly, Norbert was buzzing right at my face, then he landed on the feeder in my hand to take a drink. I’ve been feeding hummingbirds for 20 years, never have I had this happen! The neighbors saw it as well, we were all surprised! I just stood perfectly still until he drank his fill.

So folks, its been a fun and interesting month, and today was just plain fun  and memorable.

Later on, we will head to the Red Roof for Pizza and Wine, and tomorrow will be a 40 mile bike ride or so. So a good weekend all the way around.

Oh by the way, I just took a look at the weather app.

Looks like rain is coming next week….

Yeah I will believe it when I see it!

Like the wind folks!

4 thoughts on “There were some first time evers today…

  1. Sooooo wish there was a photo of Norbert drinking out of the handheld feeder. Not that I don’t believe you. Rather it’s that I would have had a cool opportunity to Photoshop my head over yours! 😉 I hope you’ll post photos of the lights on your house!

    1. I woulda loved having a photo too! But my hands were full and everyone else just froze with me! He seemed quite happy :). I am a very boring light person. Just along the gutters this year, but I will.

      We did start something though. Neighbors kept stopping and saying they needed to get started as well. We have brought Christmas to the new neighborhood

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