It’s a good thing we showed up!

When you move to a new town there are challenges. What day is garbage day? Where is the closest Starbucks? Where can you find farm fresh eggs? These are all things that need to be figured out.

You also have to find that certain place or places you like to go to just hang out. As much fun as it is to just be at home, its nice to find that place you like to go where they know your name and treat you well.

We are lucky that we have found two places!  One is Fathoms, the 10th floor at the inn at Spanish Head. We can have dinner and watch a sun down.

The other is The Red Roof…

The Red Roof is a place 5 miles south of us in a small Town called Gleneden Beach. It is a bakery/espresso bar in the morning.

It has some of the BEST snacks for either a work day  breakfast, or for a morning bike ride. Ladies and gents, their trail mix cookies are truthfully one of the best cycling snacks ever! Yum!

On Thursday and Fridays at 4 PM The Red Roof becomes a wine bar!

Now a bit of history. The Red Roof, and upon a time,  used to be a church. As you can see from the sign on the wall.


But as you can also, see, now there are wines on tap as well as bottles for sale.

Sherry and Wilda are the owners. Mike is the bartender. Robb (the only Husky fan on the Coast) and Robert (the classic grown up stoner) are the kitchen assistants. All have accepted us into the clan. Honestly they notice when we have not been there…

I will now share a secret. Saturday night is Pizza night…


Please understand a few important things about this.

  1. This is NOT a restaurant! It is a wine bar that has pizza sometimes!
  2. They do NOT do pizza to go!
  3. They only make 20 pizzas! When they are done they are DONE!!

These are some of the best pizzas ever! We make sure to get there early on Saturday, and get our order in immediately!

There are other snacks available.


And if you like beer instead of wine…

On a normal Saturday, the owners, Wilda and Sherry, have a seat at the bar at 4 PM, and rest a bit after a long day of baking.

They sit and chat with us while sipping a beer or two. They are truly some of our favorite people. A little before 5, they head back to start making the pizzas.

Tonight, though was different.

Wilda and Sherry took the night off. It was Thanksgiving weekend for heaven’s sake. They let all us regulars know there would be NO pizza

Michelle and I decided to show up anyway for a bit of wine, and its a good thing we did!

When we should up it was just us two, Mike the bartender and Robb and Robert making baked goods dough. Mike is hilarious and a bit of a curmudgeon. He made us feel good when he had a sip of wine with us and said, “Its nice when the only people here are family!” Yep, we are part of the clan.

Well Michelle and I decided to have some of the wine they had on tap, a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sadly though, when he tried to pour we ended up with less than a glass a piece.

This was NOT a good thing. Tomorrow, Sherry and Wilda have a poetry reading scheduled. They plan to serve the wines on tap.  With them not working, they woulda been screwed!

Luckily, since we showed up, the problem was discovered. Mike and Robert were one it!

Turns out the CO2 canister was having issues.

They rectified the problem and, since we helped discover the issue, Mike poured a each a bit more wine on the house!

Later on, REAL customers came in, and Mike had to act like a real bartender. (it was a strange group discussing black magic and the antichrist)

But all the while, he, Robert and Robb made sure we knew we were much more than just customers. We belonged there.

It’s not always easy fitting in when you move to a small town, but much like Cheers from the 1980s, Michelle and I are lucky enough to have found a place where everyone really does know out name! We are very lucky.


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  1. Oh my, this post is delicious!

    Can I pretty-please-with-cheese make a request for your next blog post showing images of drool-worthy grub? Can you please kindly place a warning at the top of the post that reads: “Warning: Post contains graphic images. Do not view when hungry.”


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