The library is up and running again!

Over 8 months ago, we moved from Mountlake Terrace to the Oregon Coast. if you have been following this blog, you have seen some of my cycling and beach walking photos. Here is one from today.

Long time readers will remember that at the old house we had a Little Free Library in the front yard, made by my step dad.


Rest assured, we made sure to load that puppy up and bring it with us. Where it languished in the garage for most of the last 8 months..

We do NOT live on a busy road here. So we wanted to put it up at the neighborhood club house, near the mailboxes. EVERYONE goes to check the mail so they won’t be able to miss it.

In September I got permission to put it up. I was NOT looking forward to digging a hole and doing the cement, but I found a local handyman who did so for $100. Soon I had the post ready to go!

Folks, my Step dad Doug does NOT built anything flimsy!  He built this sucker to last. Which means it is HEAVY!! I went across the street to ask Steve if he’d be willing to help me lift that sucker up. He was happy to help, as he and his wife Deb are big fans of little free libraries.

He and Deb are also artists. He asked if we minded if he painted it to fit in here at the coast. SURE! said us!! And he and I carried it over to his house about 3 weeks ago.

Today he told me it was done!! My plan was to load it into the back of our Tiguan and take it up to the post. He has his little Kia hatch back backed and ready though. We got it lifted up and half into the back and that was as far as it would go….

He and I were ok with that, “You drive slow and I will walk behind and make sure it doesn’t fall out!” “SURE!” Said Steve!!

Deb and Michelle were less enthusiastic about this idea. Deb kept saying “Maybe we could us bungee cords??” I then remembered that I had a decent amount of rope from the climbing days, and ran across the street. While gone, Michelle told me she looked over to her and mouthed the word “boys…” and got a knowing eye roll in return.

There are many reasons women live longer than men. Our good ideas do NOT always work…

Well tie it we did, but I still walked, and times jogged, behind the car to make sure it didn’t slip. This was not easy as it is uphill  to the post and I had just ridden 32 miles. I was a little tired.

But we got there with no problems, no damage to the library or car, and aside from me being completely winded. no injuries. (I am NOT in jogging shape)

10 minutes later, it was up and ready for business!

Now, as you can see, the front received a new paint job. It had been out in the weather for years at Mountlake Terrace, so needed some sprucing up. But I no way expected what he had done on the other 3 sides!

Tell me this is not the perfect Oregon Coast Little Free Library??

The books are in, the sign is hung, and we are open for business!! If you are in town, come by and visit. It’s at the Bayview Clubhouse above Taft High School. Bring a book and talk one away!!

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  1. I love everything about this. What a gorgeous Little Free Library! The next time I’m in your neck of the woods, I will gladly pedal miles off-route to check out your library in-person. 🙂

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