Why take the time to blog

In my last post, I did a book review on A tale for the Time Being. While reading the book, the 15-year-old, Nao, told us she had a blog going for a while. But then one day she took a look at her stats and realized she had only had a handful of people visit, no one ever commented and, when she stopped, not a soul noticed.

She essentially said that bloggers are quite full of self-importance thinking people care about what they say, and for the most part, they are wasting their time writing posts, as no one cares what they think.

I read that section a couple of times, and knew someday I would revisit it for a post of my own, little did I know it would be so soon…

So first off, why do I blog?

This has been explained time and again, so I won’t take too much time here. But 6 years ago, Michelle heard me mention I might like to do so, so in January 2013, she found WordPress, and handed me the MacBook and said, “Have fun!” Its been going on ever since.

That is the how, but what is why?

I like to tell stories and share things that happen. One of the reasons I did so well volunteering at the winery was my friendly face and great conversation…


Ok, maybe not so friendly. But even though it would wear me out, I was able to entertain people. I think I do a good job here as well. I make people laugh, I share the amazing things I see, I bring people on my adventures, and when I do something stupid, I own up and share it.

I also just flat enjoy it. I am currently sitting with a glass of wine, the gas fireplace going, and Jimmy Buffett playing on Alexa. It’s a good way to relax after a long hard day.

And, scary enough, people read the posts!!! My Mom and Michelle read each one I do. As does my BBB (Best Blogger Buddy) Sarah. I can always count on those three. But they aren’t alone.

Valerie, From Wedgewood in Seattle History, not only reads it, but corrects my grammar as well! (I keep waiting for a post to be handed back marked up with a red pencil.) My cycling buddy Alastair reads most as well.

Many of Facebook friends read and comment on Facebook itself. I remember the day our buddy Ron happily posted “I MADE THE BLOG!!”

I was always just amazed when work people would come up in person and tell me they read the post. In my head every time, I would think “People really read this stuff???” I will admit I’d puff out the chest a bit when they did that.

So all in all I does it cuz I likes it, and its fun! And I must not suck too bad cuz there are over 600 people who follow this sucker!

But, beyond all that, today I was surprised to be given an even better reason.

Someone I had never heard or seen before, Robin,  stumbled on to my recent Grocery Shopping Post. And he left this comment.

Tony, your “Grocery Shopping on the Oregon Coast” took me on a small, much needed vacation from the problems of the “real” world. Especially the wave video at Depoe Bay and the series of ever-changing photos at Cape Foulweather. Thanks, man! That paragraph about the sunrises and sunsets, eagles … so true, so profound.

This made my day!

We all know there is a ton of ugliness in the world right now. The news is never fun! I won’t lie, I have considered going on serious rampages here, but I really don’t want to. The mountainstroh blog is my escape as well. So, with a few exceptions I will admit, I avoid ugly

I mean World news ugly! (I think his is kinda cute in a vulture kind of way)

I am lucky enough to live at the Oregon Coast. Yesterday morning, on my Starbucks run I saw this.

This morning, the same.

it is SO much darker here the sky just pops out. I will go out on the back deck wearing the puffy coat and just stare at the sky and all the stars. I come in when I get cold or the neck starts to hurt from looking up.

Then last night, on an after work errand run, which in Seattle would entail snarling at traffic, I had to pull over to just look at this for a bit.

I stop to look at things like this because I love it. When I sits and looks, the rest of the world, and all the problems go away. Work stress dissolves and any worries there may be recede for a while. I thought it was just me this happened to.

But now I know, after today’s comment, that at least one other person was able to sit back and just enjoy the beauty in the world with me. Helpful Valente the call me!

So all in all I like being a blogger. Maybe I am a little full of myself to think people want to read what I write, but hell, if I make one person a day smile, then it’s worth it.

Thanks everyone who does read, it means a lot to me.

Like the wind!

4 thoughts on “Why take the time to blog

  1. Great post! I’ve thought about the very same question: Why do I blog? Particularly when I’ve been on bike trips in which I blog every day, knowing that I need to come up with fresh material helps me to focus awareness on the small things — the details — that compose each day.

  2. OK, no red pencil today! You did spell my name wrong, but you can be forgiven because Valerie is the standard spelling. Mine is spelled Valarie. And you emphasized sharing your experiences for others to read on your blog, but it can be said also that blogging is of benefit to you personally as you process and record your experiences. And how else will your mom find out what you have been up to???? Here’s to the end of 2018 and looking forward to a good year of blogging in 2019.

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