Dawn to dusk

So, in a week or so, Michelle and I will hit the 9 month mark of the day we moved to the coast. There were those who believed, and hell maybe still believe, that we’d get tired of living here.

In all honestly, just like anywhere, there are work days that suck ass, and days where nothing all that memorable happens. There is magic at the coast, but that magic does not happen every day.

But then there are days like today. Where from before sun up, to after sun down, the coast puts on a show! When that happens we love it! And since it happened today, I wanted to share with you…

As with all mornings, we got up early, and I made the run to Starbucks. Michelle loves her green ice tea, and the baristas spoil me when I am there.

When I got home I looked outside, and noticed the morning sky was just popping out.

Around here, the sunsets are what people talk about. I have shared many on here. But sometimes, sunrise steps up to the plate. One of these days I will start work late and try to go find the sun as it comes up over the coast range.

After this, as with most days, I got focused on work and lost track of the outside world. My job keeps me hopping.

A little before lunch, though, Michelle threw down a wild card.

“Hey!” said she, “There is a high surf warning going on right now!”

A bell went off in my head! I love waves, I love even more big waves, and high surf advisories are few and far between. “We need to see this!!” said the bell in my head!

Confession time, normally I don’t take a lunch. I am a salary dude, and from 630 AM – 4 PM most days I am at my desk slaving away.

Today, when I heard about the waves, this all changed.

“Let’s sneak out for lunch” I said! I am so glad we did!

We first stopped at boiler bay. and as promised the waves were crashing


It was fun to watch! They were just a roiling and boiling.

We were there for a while, but then we decided to go a little farther south to Depoe Bay. The waves were putting on a show there, as was the spouting horn.

I love this town when the surf pounds.

Neither of us wanted to go back to work, but sadly we had to.

After work though, I decided it was a night to go out for dinner. We went to Fathoms at the Inn at Spanish Head to watch the waves and sunset. Just as the sunrise, the sunset did NOT disappoint.

Being on the 10th floor above the ocean does not suck! and the Mac and cheese and fish & chips made the tummies happy! It was the perfect ending for the day….

But wait! The coast was not done. As we sat, I could see clouds coming in, but before they hit, we had clear skies over head . When I looked up when we got home, the moon was smiling down on us.

So there ya have it. It’s the middle of a work week. We were busting our asses. But the coast worked its magic and from before dawn to after dusk, the Oregon Coast reminded us why we love it here!

Folks, no matter where you are, take a breath and look around. Life is good and heart can be full if you let it. It is good to be alive and experience nature. And for luva gawd, don’t let work bring you down!

I am SO glad we moved here.


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