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It was a busy weekend for Michelle and I. We played Santa and delivered some presents, did some shopping, and (gasp) went to an orchestra Christmas concert. Yes boys and girls, I got some culture! Even an Oboe solo! Though I was disappointed that they did not play Bob and Doug McKenzie’s the 12 days of Christmas, it was fun.

So after our running around we decided to go out for a late lunch, watch the Seahawks (who LOST) and watch the waves. We MAY have saved a life or two today…As you would have seen in the last post, the weather has been a bit nuts this last week. We have lost power twice and the waves have been nuts.

And the winds have been fun to watch…

With all that, this week is shaping up to be tougher.

I don’t know all the science behind it, but I read today that the biggest waves we can get here on the Oregon Coast, and they are VERY rare, are 40 feet. We have a shot of that happening in the next couple of days. Rest assured I am going to try to see this! But I have safe spots already planned. I aint getting anywhere near the beach!

This is what last year looked like with 25 footers

This afternoon we had the prediction of close to the same…

So now the lifesaving part…

We were done running around, and I was starving! So we went off to the Inn at Spanish Head. As we ate and watched the Seahawks suck, we were watching the waves just pounding the beach.

While we were there we started chatting with a couple from the Seattle area.

Just an aside here. I NEVER chatted with people when we lived up north. This whole becoming an Oregonian is killing my cold and callous image!! But I digress…

So we were sitting there and the guy asked, “So, when is it unsafe to walk on the beach?” My reply was. “If you hear the words ‘High Surf Warning ‘(see above videos) it is unsafe.”

I sipped my wine and watch the Hawks, and I could see him pondering this statement.

“But wait,” said he, “That’s what they saw is going on now! So we shouldn’t go on the beach?”

His wife chimed in, “We were going to go walking after the game.”

Michelle and I then told them the story of the two people we saw almost get washed out to sea last year, and about the guy who got sucked off the sidewalk never to be seen again at Depoe Bay. He seemed VERY skeptical.

Meanwhile, Amy, the server, who has lived on the coast forever, was walking around to all the tables including his, telling people to stay off the beach for their own safety. She didn’t want to lose a guest.

I could tell he was still not quite buying it.

Well, you can’t fix stupid. I thought to myself, “I did all I could do.” And we finished out wine and started to leave.

As we said goodbye, and walked past the big window, I saw some tree sized driftwood logs and a giant assed stump being thrown around by the wave. It was also low tide, and the waves were already hitting against the hotel wall. In short, if you went down the steps onto the beach you would be in the water. As the tide came in, it would get worse…

“Hold on a sec babe.” said I, and I went back in the lounge.

The guy’s wife had gone to the restroom, but he was there and sipping his drink.

I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to come over with us.

“Watch those trees…”

I could see him finally understand. He had seen the stump previously, but by the time he came back, it was gone. Then he saw the waves and how far they were coming in.

“Maybe we WILL watch the waves on out deck instead…”

I just gave him a nod, shook his hand and told him to have a good night. Then we were off.

Ok I know, we’ve only been here less than a year, but in that year we have learned a lot about the area that we live. Not to mention all the times we’ve been here over the years. We are locals. So if you are somewhere and the local in essence says. “You’d be stupid if you did that!” Pay attention. They probably know what they are talking about!


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