An Unexpected Morning Off

I have been sharing the weather we’ve been having over the last week or so. After a November of dry and sun, Mother Nature is making up for taking it easy on us earlier in the season.

This morning was no exception…..

First a bit of a back story:

All day yesterday, Michelle and I were sneaking out to news sites and our weather app, to check on the weather and the conditions here in town. NOAA was forecasting huge winds overnight, but prior to that, the ocean continued to throw the high surf at us. It was high enough that some of the wayside parks were being closed for the safety of people.

We were working away, but I REALLY wanted to go see the waves…

When I worked in Seattle, I would make a point to get out and walk everyday. It is good for my overall health to get outside. When I was in the Lynnwood office, the only place there was to walk to was the mall. It had a REI, which is always fun, but it was still just the mall… Ho Hum…

Here, though, there are much better options!

Along about lunch time, I convinced Michelle we should get out and go see the waves. (Truth be told it was NOT hard to do so, she wanted to see them too!) It’s a good thing she came with, she took some amazing photos!


I really coulda stayed there a lot longer, but we had stuff to do back at the office.

As predicted, last night the winds howled! The clouds opened up and we had one helluva loud wet storm. Honestly, there was not a lot of sleep to be had… I was dragging ass this morning when the alarm went off.

Now to this morning:

There I was, dog-butt tired, but I was happy. The power was on! Last week, on Monday and Friday, we lost power during the work day. It was nice taking a break, but it sucks getting back into the swing of the day, and staying late, to make up for lost time….

So even though the microwave was blinking I thought we’d dodged a bullet, I was wrong.

Michelle soon discovered that cable, meaning also the wifi, meaning our connection to the Mighty P was down. SUCK!! Suddenly we were back in the 1980s! (great music, no interwebs)

Luckily, we don’t have Comcast. I got on the horn with Spectrum/Charter, and reached a customer service rep. He first said “Let me check if it is only you or the neighborhood.” Two minutes later he was back. The outage was wide-spread, they were getting their techs on it now. No ETA though…

Well, like I said, we had no way to connect to the office, so unexpectedly I had a morning off!

I had made the Starbuck run already, so until the sun came up, we hung out and read books.

(By the way, I hit my Goodreads Reading challenge today! Finished 30 books for the year!)

So, around 8 the cable was not up yet, but the sun was, so we went out to see the world again.

Michelle caught the waves crashing again here in town.

And I saw this tree-sized log being rolled up and down the beach by the surf.

We wanted more though!

Spectrum Cable had said they would call when the service was back, so, with no call, why go home, we made the run to Depoe Bay.

Michelle caught this one of the waves hitting the bridge.

And I shot from the hip to get this one as well

Meanwhile, The Spouting Horn was putting on its own show!

You can tell when its a big wave day when locals stop. A guy driving a garbage truck stopped to watch, and a lady on her way to work said she just had to park and get out of the car for a while.

YES it is worth it.

Sadly we decided we better head back, but there was one more photo to take. Just off 101 is the Siletz Wildlife refuge, which normally looks something like this (stolen from the web)

With water shallow enough for egrets to wade (I took this one)

Today, with the high winds, in coming tide and big surf, it looked like this!

Completely flooded! No worries, as soon as the surf dies it will drain, but I had not seen it like this before!

Sure enough, when we got home, the 21st century was back and we were connected to work! Maybe it was the weather gods who smiled on us, cutting cable for while, or maybe it was just dumb luck, but we are SO lucky it happened this way. It was truly a morning to remember!

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