It was a LONG dry spell….

So here we are, in 2019. Fresh new year! Who knows what lies ahead in the next 12 months…

Today, I did something I hadn’t done in over 40 days, I rode the bike outside…

I KNOW!!  I can hear my regular readers saying “WHAT?? You NEVER go that long!”

You ride in the cold

You ride in the rain

Shoot you ride all the time! How did this happen??

Well, looking back at the stats, before today, my last outdoor ride was November 25th. Then nuthin…

Now of course this year is different from all other years. In the past, I was a bike commuter. So rarely, except in the event of icy roads, did I ever go a week without a ride.

Now I am a coast kid. I work from home! I also have a job that starts before dawn and  goes close to dark this time of year. Add to it, the holidays, high wind warnings, and amazing beach walks

Riding suffered.

Now I will tell you, the waist line let me know that even though I had cut off the miles, I had NOT cut back on the food or wine. I stepped on the scales right after Christmas and you could hear the wheel spinning and the scale itself groan. 166 lbs, the most I have ever seen….

So with the first of the year, like many people, I got things going again. Michelle has us eating better and healthier and drier. In addition to the bike in the garage on the trainer, I have been using Michelle’s treadmill.

By the way, it tried to kill me!!  She has a smart treadmill with programs you can follow, and people talking to you while you work out. The treadmill speeds up, slows down and does inclines and declines according to the route. I found one that was “A walk along the river Seine” in Paris. Cool! Walk it says!  River walk, flat ,that means!  Let’s do it!

We were cruising along at a decent pace, I was working up a sweat, when suddenly the bastard in the video left the river and started running! And when he did the treadmill kicked it up! We were running UPHILL!!!  I have not run in YEARS… yet I am stubborn… So ran I did… Near the end I think I saw the light Carol Ann was talking about in Poltergeist. But before I could get to it, he went back to walking.

When I could speak again, I cussed him a blue streak…

But I digress. I still have the dilemma of not being able to get outside. There is no time after work, and while I don’t mind some winds, It just aint safe with high wind and gale warnings on weekends.

Sadly, Thursday would have been a perfect day for a morning ride

But once again work was in the way!

Today though, had potential. Rain and winds were forecasted, but they would both start a bit later in the morning. If I could get rolling at first light (nowadays about 8 AM) I could take off in the dry and low winds. I would head 10 miles south to Depoe Bay, then turn around and head home. Best part of this plan, I would have tailwind coming back!

Luckily for me, it worked for the most part.

I headed south, and it was chilly but dry morning. I made about 7 miles before the rains started. But, once I am rolling, rain doesn’t stop me! Then, the last mile or so before the turn around, the headwinds started in! I had to gear down and push to keep it near 10 MPH.

But, with all that, soon I was in Depoe Bay, the turn around point!


I am telling you, the waves made it worth the cold wet ride!

But as much fun as it was to watch, I was getting wetter and starting to chill a bit. There were still 10 wet miles to ride.

So I pointed my nose north, and started home. Where before I had to fight to hit 10 MPH, I was pedaling leisurely, with a slight incline and I was between 14 – 15! LOVE a good tailwind.

The ride home was wet, but near home the rains tapered off.

As bad as the headwind was, the climb to the house was worse! Remember the whole no riding thing? Well I’ve been on the bike trainer in the garage, but that is flat! To get to our house, I have 2 pretty damn steep hills to climb. It was slow, and it was tough, but once again stubborn won out! I made it.

In the grand scheme of things, a 20 mile ride is normally not blogworthy, In fact, normally I don’t go for a ride unless its a minimum of 20.

But after this long, it just felt so good to blow the stink off me and be outside. Smelling the air, feeling the wind, hearing the waves, all while cranking out the miles. Being a coast cyclist poses challenges, but as you can see, there are major rewards as well!

Like the wind!


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