Never know what you will see!

Remember when this blog was mostly about cycling? When post after post would be about the miles traveled and the things I had seen. Well spring and summer are a coming, and those posts will be coming back. But I gotta tell ya, winter at the coast has been amazing! Even without the bike…

And I know I have told you all time and time again about being surprised about something I see at the beach.

Two Sundays ago I was feeling a bit antsy. So a little before sundown, I told Michelle I was going to take a quick drive to Cape Foulweather for a some sunset shots.

I think it was worth the trip

However when I was up there, I noticed a speck in the distance

He soon turned and headed our way.

Sure enough, it was a hang glider, just floating around up there. Between driving and cycling, I have been over this hill at least 100 times this year. Never once had I seen a hang glider. But, on this freezing cold evening, with the wind blowing hard and and adding a serious windchill factor, he seemed to be having a blast!

I am just wondering where he took off from?

Sometimes, the something new is something that is always there, but I just hadn’t gotten around to sharing yet. Such as this lovely young lady at local ice cream place. She always has a smile to share.

Or, it can be something small but also an  incredibly cool first, like this big assed agate Michelle found on the beach last week!

The waves over the last month have completely transformed the beach. As we were getting ready to walk last Saturday, a guy happened to tell us to look for agates near the Inn at Spanish Head. Sure enough, Michelle “Ole Eagle Eye” spotted it. We’ve shown quite a few locals we know and they are impressed about how big and nice it is!

That same day, we spotted brand new piece of driftwood.

Now, for the record, these rocks were NOT there when we moved here this summer….  They were completely buried in the sand…  THATS the power of the waves….

Our eventful day was not over though!

It was a gorgeous day, and we were walking the beach in January in shorts and no coat. The waves were HUGE way off shore and there were surfers out there enjoying themselves. But they were not alone!

These guys on jet skis were picking them up after their runs, and taking them back out for another. I can’t imagine how hard it woulda been for the surfer to paddle through this…

As we were wrapping up our 2 hour walk, they were coming in as well. They, both surfers and jet skiers had to be tired!

The next morning STARTED out seemingly calm

And I did get a bike ride in

But as the day went on, the waves kept getting bigger! Soon, our intrepid photographers were out for more photos!

And the waves were worth it!



We just kept walking and watching. People there at the same time were ooooing and ahhhhhing like a fireworks show. It was just spectacular! Add to it that it is early January and it felt like springtime. Damned if we didn’t get a bit of a sunburn!

The only way to end a great weekend of new adventures is to head for Fathoms, in the Inn at Spanish head and enjoy dinner and sundown.

Not to mention spotting one of the many crab boats that are out right now.

We are coming up on the first year of being down here. I love it more and more every day… Michelle and I are damn lucky to be coast kids!

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  1. Reading your posts and seeing your photos is the next best thing to actually being there. I can smell the salt in the air, hear the birds in the sky, and feel the slight chill of moist, cool air. Thank you for that. 🙂

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