A great beach weekend

With the new year, like many people, I have been trying, with a lot of help from Michelle, to get the body back in shape after too much good food, too much wine and not near enough miles on the bike in November and December. I am doing both rides on the trainer in the garage, as well was using the treadmill. I am also doing my best to get out each weekend for at least one outside ride.

I have to time it right with the weather, but so far I have been 3 for 3. I wasn’t sure if this weekend was going to happen though. 

All day Friday the winds were a blowing and the rain was falling. With nightfall, it seemed to get even more stormy.

However, I kept checking out the the weather app. In theory, around 3 AM, the wind and rain would stop, and Saturday was predicted to be dry and calm. Now we all know the weatherman is not always correct, but I had the bike ready ready to go! Sure as hell, it was dry, calm and not cold. I was rolling at 8 AM!

Now I should clarify something, winds were calm, but the waves were a different story…

I won’t lie, I was torn on this ride. I wanted more miles. The day was perfect for riding the coast, but I wanted to also just sit and watch the waves crash. Luckily I planned ahead for this contingency.

Saturday’s ride was scheduled to ride to Devil’s Punchbowl and back.

I have seen it many times in nice calm seas and sun. But for some reason, I had never been there for a heavy sea day. I wanted to see what it would be like. It was worth the trip.

I will tell you, this photo does NOT do justice to what I saw. So once again, lets go to the video shall we?

The bike and I walked a bit south along a path, and found even better waves.

If there is a downside of living on the coast, it is that there are fewer choices of routes to ride the bike. However, this is more than made up for by the unique experience of every ride. The ocean, the sky, the animals and the world itself is different every stinking time! I never get bored!

One last stop on the ride, as I was heading north toward home, I could see the spray at Depoe Bay going nuts! I had to stop for one last look.

In the end it was 33 miles and 2000 feet of climbing on the bike, a great ride. But in truth, it was the ocean and it’s waves more than the ride that made the day on Saturday!

However, the weekend wasn’t over!

Sunday was errand day, we got everything done on a wet rainy morning. Along about 330 or so, the rains stopped so I headed out for a beach walk.

This weekend was a King Tide, very high and very low tides brought on by the Full moon. (Sadly, the clouds have thickened and I think I am going to get skunked on the lunar eclipse tonight, but I digress) With low tide at 5 PM or so, it was the perfect time yo head out.

I am just going to leave a few photos and videos so share what I saw

I gotta tell ya, though, with the waves and splashes and sky and birds, all the things I’ve seen, this is the best thing I saw in my travels all weekend.

You might be thinking, “Huh! Starfish, I like starfish, but what is the big deal!”

Well, let me tell you instead of type the explanation. My apologies though, I will never be a nature show narrator..

I will walk miles to be able to see starfish. I am very happy they are doing better!

So there you have it. One helluva weekend to be sure. I know this post relied a lot on videos. I tried to keep them short, but sometimes, when the waves are truly crashing, a video does much more than a still to show you what I get to see.

Let me know what you think!


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    1. I did! The weather gods smiled at just the right time and I got one good one. I stood out there and just stared for a good half hour

      The stars were out I could hear the waves it was perfect

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