How did this happen?

People find this hard to believe sometimes, but I really an introvert. Yes I know I can loud, and yes I was a corporate trainer for years, and yes my job now deals with easily 20 people or more a day on the phone, but I really am an introvert.

Given the choice I ride the bike alone, back in my mountain days I would hike alone,

Standing by history

And Michelle and I really like to just hang out in the quiet of our own home….

But, since Thursday we have done anything but be home…

Now y’all know I am cold and callous. I donate to charity events and do things like the Jingle Bell run to help raise money.

But when it comes to doing something for the community,I tend to mosey away from he conversation and hope not to be noticed.

Michelle on the other hand, has a much bigger heart. Back in the mighty P, people knew to get her to volunteer, cuz they knew she’d bring me.

So when we moved away from those do-gooders! (Ron and Greg!!) I figured I was safe…

Silly Tony….

On the coast it gets chilly, but it doesn’t normally get damn cold.

This week was different.

Yep snow at the beach!

(Add this to the list of something I had never seen before!)

With the cold. though, it necessitated the opening of the local warming shelter for the homeless population. Michelle found out they needed dinner help….

So Thursday rolls around, and I had already signed up to give blood after work (My normal good deed for the year). My appointment was at 4, and dinner was to be ready at 6. Now in Seattle we had a whole crew to help. Here it was just Michelle.

I took off to the bloodletting and got there early. Luckily, I did the online checkin, cuz they were running WAY behind. The running late is a good thing, though, they had a LOT of unexpected donors come in.

Have I ever told you that I believe most people have a secret super power? Well one of mine is I give blood at the speed of light.

Five minutes after I was stuck I was done! And, since I give regularly, I don’t worry about hanging around afterwards. I was wrapped up and out the door. We were down serving at 6.

Michelle was up dishing up food and I was cleaning, cutting, refilling and doing the behind the scenes stuff. The two big pans of tuna casserole, a dish of chocolate chip cookie bars, ad there loaves of ready to bake garlic bread were very much appreciated!

With the snow coming, I took Michelle home, then went for a fast grocery run. I was exhausted when I went to bed!

But the busy week wasn’t over!

The Red Roof, our favorite bakery, coffee house, wine bar is trying to bring in more people on Friday nights. So they are doing theme Fridays. This last Friday was Story night and somehow I became Storymaster….

Truthfully I REALLY am not sure how I went from “HEY story night sounds fun!” to “Ok Tony, you plan it and make it happen!!!”

Yep, introvert Valente was there at 430, meeting and greeting.

Why Story night? Well as I explained it:

Everyone has to at times make conversations with someone new. Everyone has that ‘Go To’ story or two that they use when this happens. Or when old friends show up, the old stories come out again. Most of the time it’s a pretty damn good story. So why not share it with us?

Plus, there are many MANY retired folks down here, who have probably told their stories time and again. Now they have a new audience.

We had 6 people show up. All older and retired. And it was a hoot! One lady told the story of having her car hit by a train (she was well out of it) while she was sneaking out to visit the “Love of her life” and another who explained that the heart rocks she finds on the beach are put there by her son who passed away last year.

It was a fun night! If you are in town on the 2nd Friday of March, we will be doing again! Red Roof Wine Bar, Gleneden Beach, OR!

But the weekend was not done yet!!!

Michelle found out there was no one to make breakfast yesterday….

So 530 AM we are out of bed and heading down! A mountain of French Toast and bacon being made. We were done by 730, but damn I was tired.

Funny thing! Since it was cold and I was going to making bacon, I put on pants instead of shorts. Better for spatters. When we made the Starbucks run, I walked in and the old dude who is always there reading a book in the morning looked at me and said, very loudly I might add, “HEY, YOU ARE WEARING PANTS!!!” Ā I laughed about that all day!

The rest of the day, I went to the beach for the snow footage, took a nap (yep tired! ) and then we went out for a glass of wine.


Well at Fathoms, our other local hang out, we have our regular buddy there with us hoping for a French fry!


Amy, one of the servers, told us “We really want him to have his own Instagram account!” So, somehow, out of my mouth came “HEY I can do that for ya!!!”

Who said that?????

So, later that night FathomsBarBuddy now has his own account! Check him out…

I thought it would be easier to hide out in a small town, turns out it’s the opposite, you get to know people, they need some help, and your Wife with a huge heart helps cold and callous me do the right thing!

Any one wanna come share a fun story?

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  1. Oh my goodness! FathomsBarBuddy really DOES have his own Instagram account. How fun is that!?!?

    From one introvert to another — reading your post exhausted me. šŸ˜‰ But it is a good exhaust. šŸ™‚

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