Free fun!!

Ever heard the old saying, “There is no such thing as a free lunch?”

People usually say it when someone talks about getting something for free. As in, “You know junior, there is no such thing as a free lunch! Someone, somewhere is paying for that! you just don’t know it!!”

Well ladies and gents, I had an amazing last few days, and sure as hell, all the fun stuff was free! It started me thinking, a lot of the coolest things to do at the ocean really are free! …

First off, let’s start with something we can ALL do, whether at the beach or in your own back yard. At any time, after the sun goes down, you can look up and enjoy the night sky. For the last few nights, the moon has been nothing less than a show off. We were seeing a super moon!

Now sadly, last night, when it was to be its fullest and brightest, we had clouds and rain. (In fact, we had a hail storm last night so intense that we were getting rained on in bed!!  We like to keep a window open, and last night was NOT the night to do it! )

However, the nights before were no slouch!

I have done many a post about the night sky, and there is NO charge for checking it out! Just walk outside, look up and soak it all in. (This time of year, better bring a coat!)

Now, down here where I live, a full moon like this means a LOW tide! Low tides mean tide pools! I LOVE tide pools! And, yep, they are free, just gotta find them!

It just so happened that after work Monday night was a low tide. As soon as I hung up the phone I was out the door. I have been here long enough that I know where to look. My two favorite things are starfish and hermit crabs, Last night, I got both!

I can search for and check out tide pools for hours, and as you can see, it was a great afternoon  to do so!

But, while I was gallivanting along the beach, Michelle was home making dinner for us. So after an hour I was headed home.

However the free adventures were not over yet! We were busy this weekend so I volunteered to do the grocery shopping Monday night (Nope trust me I am a GOOD eater, groceries aint free!)

But I could tell it was going to be a great sundown. So instead of heading for Safeway straight away, I made the stop at Siletz Bay to watch the sunset. Guess what?  There was no charge at all!

I could throw in 30 more of these shots, it was worth the stop. But, as pretty as this was, yet another free beach activity made itself known, I kept hearing something behind me and across the street and sure enough, (forgive the blur it was maximum zoom) these two were hanging out!

YES, animal spotting, bird watching, discovering nature, is all free as well. You just have to keep your ears and eyes open!

I should mention, they were doing MUCH more than just hanging out (and yes that IS what you think it is! There could be a bun in the oven.)

Today it rained most of the day, but once again, after work it cleared! Though there were squalls threatening

I decided it was a great day for yet another free activity, beach combing! There was a bit of a challenge today. Some times the waves hit just right, and we get a foamy beach, That was today!

It doesn’t hurt you, but it sure makes it hard to find things. But, with a little perseverance you can! Here is today’s haul  (all at no charge) Agates and sea glass (the green is sea glass)

You may be wondering how you know if it is an agate. The easiest way is to hold it up to the sun and see if glows. Or you can use a cell phone light

These are MY best finds, but Michelle still has the biggest and best find so far.

With some walking, watching out for waves (safety first) and just seeing what is there, you can find some incredible things on the beach. Trust me, there is no cost per pound or per item!

One request, please do NOT take home anything alive from the fide pools. Photos are great, but leave the starfish and hermit crabs for all to see!

Finally, if you want to just sit, and not walk, not search for things, just want to sit, then by all means do so. Watching the waves is one of my favorite things. Dress warm here at the Oregon Coast, bring a comfy chair and just watch. You are not charged per minute.

Ladies and gents, no lie, every photo and video (with the sole exception of Michelle’s cool agate) was taken since Monday, 2 days ago. These last few days, as if I needed them to, reminded me yet again why I love it here

And, while there might NOT be a free lunch, there sure as hell are free things to do at the beach!!

Wanna see one more? While I was writing this, I saw the moon coming up through the trees! Check this out!

I know the night sky was already listed, but I had to mention it again.

Go out and do something free!


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  1. Your moon photos are INCREDIBLE! Are you taking those with your phone?

    And I love the photos of your rocks, too. Especially the one of Michelle’s find. Very artsy composition!

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