Spring is coming!

I know a lot of people who truly are NOT fans of winter! There is cold, there is snow and a whole lotta dark. Of the three, the only part I ever used to get tired of was the dark. In December and January, I would leave in the dark for work, and there were days I would leave work and it was dark again already.

Here at the coast, and working from home, this is NOT an issue. I always get home before dark. Plus, this winter has not been normal! Most of January looked like this

With lots of blue sky and sunshine, but it was still winter….

Even working from home, there just wasn’t enough daylight after work for a decent bike ride. (At least 20 miles). And, in February, the weather got worse and I only made 2 rides outside all month. However, with beach walks like this in February

It was not entirely a bad month.

However, now it is March, and there are truly clear signs that spring is coming!

Last weekend, a sight to behold, the first daffodil bloomed in the back yard.

I don’t have a more recent photo, but I can tell you that almost all of the ones we planted (I did it with my trusty shovel I did!) naw are or are about to bloom. The extra color is nice!

Then the days ARE getting longer. A couple of nights ago there was a low tide right at quitting time. When this happens I head for the hidden beach on the north end of down. With the sun staying up later, I was able to get there and for one of the few times since I have been here, I was able to get to this.

It is not every night I can get to this beach and when I can the waves are usually pounding this rock. The lucky combination of a low low tide, good weather and later sun down made it possible.

Did I mention sunset?

As I was walking the mile or so back to the car, the sun was going down, and it was epic!

There a no filters used. The sky was lit up and the water on the beach reflected the colors. I would stop every 5 steps for another photo!

But remember, it is still winter. It was DAMN cold out The more it set, the prettier it got, but also the colder it became. Of course, as always I was in shorts, though I did have a heavier coat on. It took me the better part of an hour to warm up again!! It was totally worth it.

(Next week is daylight savings time! After work bike rides here we come! )

Animals are also making appearances for the first time in quite a while. This afternoon this little fella showed up in the back yard.

I haven’t seen one of the red humming birds since last spring. I think he is a true harbinger of change of seasons.

On the opposite end of the bird spectrum the bald eagles are back in force,

The second picture is one of two that we hope are a nesting pair. They were hanging out in a tree at the top of our neighborhood, Last year we had a nesting part of osprey close, but I would love to have Bald Eagles as well.

And the grandaddy, size wise, of them all, I spotted the first gray whales of 2019 last Saturday on my bike ride, They were too far out for a photo, but they were there. In a couple of weeks, the big migration north will be happening. I will be sure to share those photos.

This will show you how nice it was Saturday, A perfect day for a 40 mile bike ride!

As we know, there are always new things to learn everywhere you live. I’ve spotted a couple of things that may not be signs of spring, but I guess they could be.

The first is the goose necked barnacle

Never EVER seen this before, in any of my trips to the coast. VERY ugly yet very cool! I will be watching out for more next year as well.

And then there were these guys

Here is a close up, they are mole crabs

I’ve seen them before but never hordes of them. Maybe its hatching or mating season?

In short the seasons come and go. The winter here was not bad at all, but I am looking forward to the new discoveries of spring and of the start of our second year as coast kids!


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  1. I’m just about a month behind on reading your blog posts, and at this point in time, Spring is waaaay more than just-around-the-corner. Oh my, spring has sprung! All the signs of spring are singing loudly — especially the cherry blossoms! I love this time of year. 🙂

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