A year of cycling at the coast

Wow, I have NOT been a good blogger. I just saw it has been almost a month since the last post. Remember when I posted every day?

Well, a lot has gone on, including a week-long vacation since the last post. I will see about getting things caught up. However, one of the biggest things that occurred was Michelle and I had our 1st Beachaversary. Yep, March 23rd, 2019 marks the one year mark that we moved into our new house at the coast.

Sadly, on the actual Beachaversary, I was sick, so Michelle and I couldn’t go out to celebrate. We will soon though!

I started thinking on my ride this weekend, I have seen a LOT of things on the bike since I got here, So here we go, a year of riding at the coast.

March 2018

We moved in near the end of the Month, and we had to get the office set up and I had to get to work. But, I was able to get out a time or two. I had to break in the new routes and see waves from two wheels.

I was also finally, after years of driving past it, stop and get a close look at an old section of 101 destroyed by a storm long ago. This shows you what the power of the ocean can do.

April 2018

The first full month of being an Oregon Coast Cyclist! Plus, with the one day STP looming I needed to crank out the miles .

First things first though, I discovered the one winery within cycling distance!

By a little bit of luck, an undying sense of direction a bit of fear that I was somewhere I’d see an albino child playing the banjo, I rode my way home to Lincoln City from Corvallis.

Though this was a bit worrisome….

I started learning my way around and seeing things I had never seen. I love these mossy trees!

May 2018

The first century of the year was coming, Reach the Beach, and Rob, of the Oregon Coast ride 2016 would be riding along for his first ever century. It was time to get the longer rides in. Plus, I won’t lie, there was just so much I wanted to still see.

It was the first ride to Cape Meares Lighthouse since the 2008 first ever Oregon Coast ride

It’s a good thing I wasn’t in the market for a pig though.

I also found my local 85 mile route. It goes south to Newport, east to Toledo, north through farm country along the Siletz river and back to the coast. It is a hard ride, but if I hadn’t done it, I would have missed this guy.

I was learning it was hard to push through the miles though, who can resist stopping and watching whales!

But, it worked out, Rob and I made it to the finish line in Pacific City on the Reach the Beach ride!

June 2018

 A month till the one day STP! I had a big ride scheduled Tour de Blast. But I needed LONG miles to get ready for what was coming!

Luckily, when I was running low on food during one training ride, I stumbled upon this!

Though I swear, every time I rode the turkey vultures were there licking their chops!

The Tour de Blast was wet and miserable, but I made it to the top and then back again! Haven’t learned my lesson yet, I am riding again this year!

July 2018

STP month! There were still miles to ride to get ready. But I also made sure to enjoy where I live!

But the day came. Rob and I took off at 4 AM in the dark in Seattle, around 8, we rolled into Portland. Hot, tired, and saddle sore. but dammit we did it!

And might I add it was NOT pretty

August 2018

The big rides were over, and the legs needed to recover. But now I could cut back on long rides and enjoy even more the nature and experience of the coast.

Like Bald eagles

We also learned that in August when it is triple digits inland, it brings in days of fog at the ocean.

Being a heat wimp I was HAPPY to learn of this!

OH and I found both Excalibur and a mermaid!

Truly a magical month!

September 2018

With the days getting shorter, the after work rides became a race with the sun. Getting home before dark. But as you can see, it is NOT a bad thing!

Nature was still out and about


and blue herons

and I found a new place to see the waves crash!

The highlight though was the Ride the Rogue ride, Rob and I rode with Kim, one of the bike Sherpas of legend, as she did her 2nd 40 mile organized ride! She rocked it!

October 2018

Daylight savings was over, and the rides were again limited to the weekends. Not many photos from that month, but this guy was enjoying a sunny day when I happened by.

But as you can see the weather was changing

November 2018

November is the birthday month, and birthday month means I has to ride my years! This year I was 54!  I needed a window of weather…  I got it! Saturday November 11th, I got 57 miles in!

There were a couple of more outside rides, that month, but soon I was relegated to the indoor riding on the trainer! Oh well, there were still beach walks!

December 2018

Ladies and gents, this was a first. In the 10 + years I have been riding, this is the ONLY month I’ve ever had without one outside ride. Weather, work, holidays and eating just got in the way. My bike was NOT happy with me!

BUT, one morning,  the cable was out, which meant Michelle and I could not sign on. it was high surf warning so we went to Depoe Bay…. It was WELL worth it!


January 2019

In the past, I always try to ride on New Years day. However, the Manchild was down, and had to catch the train that day. So instead I did a detour coming home to Cannon Beach. That next weekend, though, I was saddled up!

The weather in January was pretty darn nice, with big waves as well! FUN to ride!

OH! and I found a float on the Beach!

February 2019

The weather turned back to winter. But I did get out a couple of times. My buddies were waiting for me on one ride to Yaquina Head Lighthouse

March 2019

A full year at the coast, and

It’s been a full year. It really is funny, people ask Michelle and I if we get bored down here in a small town.

We love the people, and we love the ocean even more. I may have fewer routes to ride, but I NEVER get tired of riding them. Here at the ocean there is always something new, or different or just awe-inspiring. In short, I love being a coast kid, an Oregon Coast cyclist and SO happy we were able to move here!


Seriously how can I not love it! This was a sundown I saw. It was freezing, I was in shorts, but I just couldn’t leave… Looking forward to many more years to come!



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  1. Happy Beachaversary, and please know that good blog posts are not measured according to an exact schedule. If you can post at least once per month, call it good! It is good to do posts to review events, for your own reflections plus let your mom know what you have been doing!

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