The Beach is Alive!

Having become a coast kid a year ago, I’ve come the realize something:

There is a HUGE difference between visiting somewhere on vacation, and living there full-time. Now, just to make sure no one worries about this statement. I LOVE LIVING HERE!! I think I was always meant to live at the ocean.

But, had you asked me 2 years ago what I knew about Lincoln City and the beach here, I would have been pretty confident with the answers I gave.

Having been here this last year, I now know how much I did not know…  One thing I have learned, is the beach itself is alive!

No I have NOT been visiting one of the many MANY potshops in town. I do believe the beach is alive.

Stick with me here….

I am not talking about the tide pools. Though I am wondering how many people realize that the barnacles they see on rocks are truly alive?

Nor am I talking about the creatures you see if you pay attention on your walks. Like these mole crabs

Nope I am talking the beach itself the sand we walk on.

When you come once a year, and walk the beach a couple of times while you are here, it generally looks the same as the last time. Quiet likely, and I speak from experience, when down here for a short time you look at the sunsets,

watch for whales

and marvel at the lighthouses.


You don’t pay attention to the beach itself.

I have proof the sand moves. And I do not mean like it was in the wind tonight!

I am talking BIG MOVES..

I spoke about this a bit earlier post, but let me refresh…

Here we are, flying over the Inn at Spanish head last summer

You can see the smooth sand in front of the hotel all the way to the water.

In September it looked liked this.

Now lets move to January, the rocks were so tall Michelle, who is taller than I am, could not reach the top…

Fast forward 3 months to today. I walked to this same spot and here are those rocks she was standing between

Yep you can essentially step on top of the one on the right without breaking a stride.

I will just sit here a minute and let your mind blow a bit!!

And this is just one small piece of beach. I can’t fathom (pun intended) the amount of sand that ebbs and flows in this small section, let alone the 7 miles of beach we have in town. But I can tell you up and down the beach it changes. Sometimes a few minor changes, other times, we aren’t sure we are in the same place!

Like a plant, the beach grows then dies off only to grow again.

I stand by my premise: The beach truly is alive! And I am lucky enough to be here and see it breathe.

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  1. What a beautiful post! I think one of the most marvelous wonders of life is appreciating that it is not just plants and animals that are alive. I’m glad you’ve been able to realize and enjoy this wonder. 😁

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