Here use my spare….

Michelle and I LOVE where we live now. We’ve left the hustle and bustle (and lately, per the news, a plethora of overturned semis on the freeway) of the Seattle area and moved to the small town of Lincoln City Oregon, Population just under 8000 people.

Michelle was pretty picky about the town we chose. It had to be small, on the ocean, but large enough for high-speed interwebs (needed for working from home) a hospital (needed if I ever do something stupid) and nice people. Lincoln City won!

Just last week, though, we were talking that a small town like this would be MUCH harder if it weren’t for Amazon Prime. The nearest Target is over an hour away. And I have let the Costco membership lapse as it is even farther. Luckily you can get ANYTHING at Amazon…

Well this last week, I have learned yet another challenge and benefit of being here. And both revolve around the bike!

My town is SO small (Cue the peanut gallery “HOW SMALL IS IT!!!” ) It is SO small we done have our own bike shop!

“GASPS!!!” Say it aint so Joe!

Its ok! I knew this going in. There is one the next town South, Newport Oregon, Bike Newport.  We go to Newport to grocery shop, and I ride there all the time, so isn’t a big deal for us.

So, after a hard year of riding and getting rained on, and a big cycling season coming up, I took the bike into the shop for the annual tune up. Here you don’t make an appointment, you bring it in, they write your name, bike, and phone number in a spiral notebook that has seen better days, and they tell you it will be done by the end of the week.

Cool! dropped it off a week ago Wednesday.

I got a call saying it should be done Saturday. They had a lot of bikes.

Then I got a call saying for SURE Tuesday.

Tuesday I got a call with the bad news. The rear derailleur, after over 35,000 hard miles of shifting up and down, finally gave up the ghost.

Elliot the owner tells me “I am ordering the part, you WILL ride this weekend!”

Then yesterday I get a call. “Sorry, I messed up, the new one can’t be here till next week.

In my head I am going DAMN!!!  Miles are few this month and I have a century in 3 weeks!!!

But then he said, come over tomorrow (today) and we’ll figure something out…

I had the afternoon off, so I headed south at noon to see him. I walked in and he said “Here! Take this one. Its my spare bike, a Carbon Framed Trek”

Folks it was so light I almost threw it over my head picking it up for the bike rack.

He didn’t have me sign anything, no credit card deposit, shoot he didn’t even check my ID. He even took my pedals off my bike and put them on his!

“See you next week!!” And he went back to working on the back log…

NO shop in Seattle I know would do this!!

I got home and Michelle Shooed me out on a ride.

I made a stop at the Red Roof Bakery for a Trial mix cookie ,one of the BEST bike cookies ever! Anything you’ve ever put into GORP or trail mix is in this cookie! It’s good for an extra 20 miles.

But when I went to pay, the card reader did not work! She sent me on the way and said “You can pay later you have a ride to do! ” Again LOVE small towns!

The bike was fun to ride!

And it was a gorgeous evening!

The only bad side is it was windy, and blowing steady south! This was fine and dandy until I got to the turn around point.

From here I turned back north to go home. And my hard steady tail wind was not a head wind!! UGH…

Headwinds hurt, but I was making progress, but remember I was on an unfamiliar bike. Mine has a VERY comfy gel seat. Elliot’s does not….

By mile 30 the butt bone was hurting! Not a saddle sore, but bone ache!

I took a quick break at Depoe Bay, to rest the bum, coming home and discovered a new park.

Folks I have NO idea why it was called this. I did a bit of googling, but no dice… Anyone know?

It is pretty though!

Well the last 10 miles was tough. Winds picked up, bones ached and I just don’t know the bike as well. But, in the end I rode 44 miles. I got home and had some Hungarian Mushroom (From red Roof Bakery) soup poured over rice and sliced up pork chops! YUM!!!

There are nice people in big cities, I know that. I know many of them. But in a small town, you run into them more often and they are willing to take a chance on you. I like that.

And I love our small town!

9 thoughts on “Here use my spare….

  1. My favorite part of this post was the photo of the GINORMOUS cookie. That got me salivating. Anything that gets my mouth salivating earns top place!

    My next favorite part was the kindness of the bike shop owner in lending his bike to you. Anything that gets my heart salivating earns a close second. Wow! Just wow!

    And my third favorite part was the name of the park; that made my funny-sensor salivate. 😀

    Great post! May your bike never be fixed! 😉 (Though it sounds as though you’d probably need a bum replacement. 😔)

    1. Or change that seat!! The cookies are amazing! Raisins, choco chips, peanut buitter, craisions you name it, They are my go to! Next time you are at the coast hit the red roof bakery, No donuts, all home made, nicest people.

      Dont even get me started on the hungarian mushroom soup!!!!

  2. T – I find the same thing living in our small community. I’ve had more than one “try it out and pay for it next time you come in” experience. When I’m out to the road to get mail, folks always wave when they drive by. We don’t know each other, but that’s the beauty of it!

  3. I was looking for the story behind Cat Lick Rock Park when I ran across your article. After I found the answer I figured I’d come back and leave a comment for all of your readers.

    Thanks to the article I found on – (Published 06/17/2019 at 5:53 AM PDT By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff)

    “According to [superintendent Brady] Weidner, it’s a kooky tale that came about because of city discussions on how to enhance the look of the rock signage. They originally wanted a lot of moss to grow on the rocks, and ideas were thrown around on how to achieve this, including encouraging moss to grow. Someone suggested pouring buttermilk on the rock.

    “Then, someone said: ‘If you pour buttermilk on it you’ll have every cat in the neighborhood licking it,’ “ Weidner said.

    “Thus the name simply stuck. It’s become a bit of a fascination on the internet as well, with some actually discovering the correct origin.”

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