The End of Game of Thrones

Fair warning, do NOT read if you have NOT watched the last episode of season 8.

Oh, and if you aren’t a Game of Thrones fan, then this one will be boring and it is ok to skip the post entirely….

Wow…. I just watched the end of Game of Thrones….

A little history here. I discovered the Game of Thrones books long after the first in the series was written, albeit though, well before the HBO Series. Our friend Kim was up visiting and was reading it. I downloaded the first book and I was hooked!

By the time the HBO series started, I had read all the books that were out, and devoured the 5th book when it was finally published. I have been waiting for book 6 since 2011….

When the series first started, I didn’t have HBO. I was too cheap to get it. I would just wait for the DVDs to come out at Christmas and catch up. Since I had read the books, it seemed like a good plan. Having read the books, even though there were a few differences, I always knew what was going to happen.

Some time around season 4, the HBO app came out. From then on, I watched every episode as soon as I could. The books end when Jon Snow is stabbed. From that point on, I was just like the rest of the world, I had no idea what was going to happen until it did in the show.

HBO did an amazing job, I was never disappointed.

Then came the 18 month gap, Season 7 ended and we learned season 8 would be delayed and a shorter season. For us Game of Thrones fans that seemed an eternity. BUT, for those of us who have read the books, an 18 month what was a drop in the bucket compared to waiting for the next books to come out….

Season 8 started 8 weeks ago….

If you listen to social media, one would think this season was the worst….

To the nay sayers and the haters, I say “y’all have NO idea what you are talking about!!”

The stat of the season brought people together who hadn’t seen each other in forever.

Sansa and Theon

Jon and Arya

Bran and Jaime.

Davos and the Red witch

Arya and the Sandor Clegane

Arya and Gendry

Sansa and Tyrion

Brienne and Jaime

Podrick and Tryion

Plus more I am sure I am missing.

It was truly one of the most poignant and emotional episodes I can remember. It was the night before the Night king attacked, and I truly loved everything that happened that night. Honestly, I could feel the emotions of every person.

The episode of the battle started the complaints….

It was too dark. No one of significance died. I didn’t like it!!!


Lady Mormont


Single handily took out a giant white walker, Jorah died protecting Dany, and Theon

Died a hero!

Arya proved she was nothing short of a bad ass bitch, and saved the world. The darkness kept us guess who was still alive. It was an epic TV event.

Yet people whined….

The battle for Casterly Rock ended as it should have! Dany, who was mad for losing her best friend, who had been told her entire since she was born of the people who took the rightful throne, and who had anger pent up for her entire life, burnt the city. She and her Dragon killed innocent men, women and children. She proved she was the mad kings daughter.

Simply put, she snapped and showed she was a true Targaryen

OK an aside here.

People are saying this show has not been fair to women. It is male dominated and they didn’t want a man to prevail.

To those I say “Stick it up your ass!!”

This is Game of Thrones! No one knew what would happen. Who knew the Hound would end up one the best people in the show. Who knew Ned would die the first season. Who knew Sansa would become a force to be reckoned with. In short, this is NOT a young adult novel with a happy ending. This is Game of Thrones! I am betting most of the complainers have never read a sentence of the book.

Then, tonight, was episode 8, the finale. Never once did I foresee what happened.

OK Jon killing Dany, that made sense. Only he could get that close to her and get past the dragon. But up and until it happened I wasn’t sure he would.

I was wondering if he would get torched. I want to see if he, as a Targaryen, could survive the Dragon Fire.

But the whole time I was saying, “The Unsullied and Dothraki will NOT accept him! What happens next?”

Enter the lords of the realm….

Kudos to Samwell for suggesting a democratic society, but had that gone over woulda been mad. No way the  lords would accept that.

Tyrion was amazing!! People have been lamenting his lack of knowledge? Brains? Tyrioness? All season, he redeemed himself tonight.

Not one, in all I read, and I read a lot, did anyone predict Bran the Broken as protector of the 6 kingdoms. Never did I read that Sansa would be queen of the north!

Jon going back to the Knights Watch was perfect, even better that he went north of the wall, with Snow, to be a wildling.

And Arya going “West of Westoros” where the maps stop… Hell yeah!

In short haters gonna hate. People wanted a happy ending! But this is Game of Thrones, truly to the end we had no idea what would happen.

All hail Bran the Broken, first of his name! And never again will we be stuck with a son of a king!

I am happy to see the Tyrion as the hand of the king, Samwell as grand Myster, and truly Braun of the Blackwater as Master of Coin (someone has to watch out for the brothells.)

And, Brienne of Tarth as the leader of the Knights Watch, did an amazing job of updating Jaime Lannister’s legacy.

In short, a great season, an excellent ending and truly for the few times in my life, I will miss the end of TV series…

I really hope the books come out soon so I know how it really ends!!!

3 thoughts on “The End of Game of Thrones

  1. I thought the ending was perfect. I can’t think of a better ending. (SPOILERS) The Iron Throne is gone, and the new King of the 6 Kingdoms and the Queen of the North both got there through intellect, not by killing anyone. It is truly the end of the Game of Thrones.

  2. Very well put … I agree with all your points. I find it ridiculous that someone actually filed a petition to re-write this season, because they didn’t like the way the story turned out. I thought it was a great way to end the series. I think everyone thought Jon would get torched after stabbing Dany, but I think it was classy the way it came out.

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