It Never Gets Old

So here we are, the start of our second Memorial Day as residents of the Oregon Coast.

So far this evening has NOT been the most relaxing. I left the office at 3 for a quick errand to take our bottles and glass to the local transfer station to be recycled (for some reason we can’t put glass in our curb side bins)

Then , after work, I went down to buy farm fresh eggs. Where, as I walked back to the car, I noticed the back tire was almost flat. (it had just enough to get me home). Having had allowed our AAA to lapse, I rolled up the sleeves and changed it myself!

Then I had just enough time to get to Les Schwab to get it repaired for free!

I renewed my AAA as well….

But that is NOT what I mean by not boring….

It has just been a great week to be a coast kid. Work has been hard for both Michelle and I but coast life has been great!

Early on this week, I am getting ready to start when Michelle yells for me to come quick! I bee-line to the kitchen to see this.

Evidently deer like fuchsias! But then again we like deer! I bought the plant to feed hummingbirds, so I guess its only fair if deer snack as well!

As the week went on, some days were MUCH rougher than others. I had cranky people (today I actually hung up on someone from another insurance company) and Michelle was working seemingly non stop.

When we have a really hard day, one of looks as the other and says, “We should go out to dinner!”

Our go to spot is the top floor of the Inn at Spanish Head.

Where the views go on forever!

This time, though, I was intrigued by my French Fry mooching friend (know on Instagram as #FathomsBarBuddy

I had seen him time and time again (and yep gave him my share of fries) But this time I noticed something knew.

I had never really looked at his nostrils!

Truthfully you can look right through them. Nerdy? Yes, but the science geek in me thought it was totally cool!

By Wednesday the legs had recovered enough from the 100 miles on Saturday for a bike ride, but the winds made me change my mind. So instead it was a beach walk.

Evidently the waves have been higher than I thought lately, but because this huge piece of driftwood is new. For reference, my agate finding sand scoop is 3 feet tall.

This thing was huge!

It was a  gorgeous night, and as you can see, my fellow agate hunting geeks were out with me.

This was one of the few times I struck out, but the walk was worth it.

The most amazing night though, was last night. It was a bit drizzly and a bit breezy, but it was time to saddle up and ride. I decided to to the 40 mile out and back to the lighthouse at Yaquina Head.

I am very glad I did, but first a gripe…

There are signs everywhere saying “Don’t step on the damn plants! Stay on the sidewalk dumbasses ” (I may be paraphrasing a bit)

When I got there, a photographer was taking pictures of a young couple right in the middle of the plants, having walked right by the sign.

Truly I wanted to say something, but the lady of the couple was sporting a serious baby bump and seemed very shy. I turned my attention to the guy and he seemed pretty sheepish and gave me a look like “I KNOW we shouldn’t be here, but she wants baby bump family photos, and I can’t’ tell her no and the photographer scares me (she seemed mean and bossy) so what can I do??”

It was a very meaningful look.

So as I passed I just smiled at the mom to be and said “very pretty!” and shot the photographer a sneer.

The off to the light house to check out the nesting birds

As I stood there watching them, nature happened.

A bald eagle came in to snag a chick in a nest.

Quick note here, I was telling this to our neighbor tonight when his little girl (going into 2nd grade) heard me. “The eagle ate a baby bird???”  Looking all sad… “Nope!” said I thinking fast, “The eagle was stealing a fish the dad bird had caught for the baby chick!” PHEW!!  She doesn’t need to know know the circle of life just yet.

The following shots, albeit blurry, were me just sitting there watching and trying to snap photos!

(By the way, look in the water behind the eagle, that bump in a harbor seal head!)

In the end, he DID get a baby bird, and fly off. I tried, but just couldn’t get a good photo of him flying away.

But this 5 minutes demonstrates why I love it here. I ride this ride all the time. But with nature like it is, you just never know what you will see. I look forward to it, every time.

In fact, just to put the cherry on top, as I was getting ready to leave, a whale spouted and waved her tail at me from off shore.

In short, jobs suck, they always have and always will. But one needs a job to make sure one eats regular and all.

But when you live somewhere you love. It makes a hard day at work so much better. And in all honesty, this was an excellent week!


4 thoughts on “It Never Gets Old

  1. WOW! These photos are amazing! Just discovered your blog & IG too. We just moved to Lincoln City a month ago, so it’s fun reading your perspective while you’re exploring the area. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Happy to share! We’ve been here just over a year and love it! Welcome to Lincoln City! Hey, if you ever want an excellent bakery, go to Gleneden Beach just south of LC. Best baked goods ever! The Red Roof Bakery. My wife does their IG

      1. Well, I love baked goods, so we’ll have to give it a try! We stayed in Gleneden when we visited the area to find our home. We ended up on Devils Lake (technically Otis, but feels more LC to me).

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