Is that a new name?

Well folks, it happened again. Yesterday while riding, I hit one of those big milestones of miles. Yep, the 35000th mile ticked over during the after work ride.

Tradition says I change my blog name, and I have. But for some reason this milestone seems different….

I took a look back before starting this post. The last time I changed the name, 30,000 miles, was September 16, 2017.  Not quite 2 years ago…

SO much has changed since then…

First off, miles are just not as important.

Way back December of 2007, when I retired from Mountain climbing

and  bought my first real bike

The bikes name is NOT Fred

I realized that after 43 years on this Earth, I had rediscovered the sport I was good at. When I saddled up and pointed my nose forward, nothing could stop me. My first full year riding I completed my first Century (100 mile) ride

Rode my first Seattle to Portland

And, just to round off the cycling year, rode the Oregon coast solo

It was all about the miles! Nothing more…

Since the last name change this has changed. I still keep track of the miles, but its the experience that matters more…

Two months after the last name change Michelle and I learned we could move to the Oregon Coast. Our new home was being built

Michelle later told me she was truly worried about me being happy moving here. Where would I ride? Would I be hate it? Were thoughts in her head.

In mine was, “HOLY CRAP! I get to ride the Oregon coast any time I want!!! ”

And, ladies and gents, therein lies the change with this milestone.

In truth, I had NO idea I was close to 35,000 miles.

I keep track of each ride, but I use an app for that. Strava is amazing….  But it hadn’t crossed my mind recently to check the overall miles…

For most of April I was on a borrowed bike while mine was in the shop.

Of the 169 miles in April, only 40 were on my actual odometer. Blog rules, which were made by me, state that you only change the name with the old fashion odometer hits the milestone. With the and weather and lack of a bike, I just hadn’t looked lately. It didn’t seem to matter. Had I had my own bike this may have happened last month.

But yesterday after work, something told me to look. I was 8 miles from 35,000….

I marked the milestone, but that wasn’t the best part of the ride.

As I was riding home I looked up and saw this

As the picture above states, I want to tell people what I have seen. So I stopped and zoomed.

Yep a juvenile bald eagle. This was SO much better than some silly mileage number.

And that boys and girls is the change I was talking about.

Miles matter, I ride as much as I can as it keeps me from getting fat with Michelle’s great cooking

But SO much more important is to just see what there is to see! The bike lets me hear and see all that is around me. I’ve spotted whales, seals, osprey, elk, deer and eagles from the bike.

Last night I learned this is a possibility of spotting a cougar.

Trust me I am watching!!!

Just as importantly though, is the ocean itself. There are cyclist who care more about speed than the view. That is not me!

Last night I stopped for these and many other photos, just because I wanted to!

Making stops like this cuts down on the miles, but makes the ride so much better, it sucks the work stress right out of me!

In short, it’s no longer just about the miles. Its what the bike lets me see and experience as a pedal along the coast here in Oregon. I am happy, and I get to see stuff others never do.

Thank you for all who have followed me and continue to do so.  The combination of 2 wheels, an ocean, and everything I get to see makes me a happy man!

Like the wind!



3 thoughts on “Is that a new name?

  1. One of the many things I enjoy about your blog, is your reflections/perspectives as you look back over past years. You tell how far you have come and what you are up to now. All of us could benefit from such a review of our life trajectory! I do also hope (although maybe I should not let you know that this is happening!) that you are slowing down appropriately with age and experience! Just as you had to give up mountain-climbing but found other things that you can enjoy, over time we have to make these adjustments. Now it is “not about the miles” but it is about the sights seen along the way. I am really impressed with your perspective of finding all of the wonderful things about your present status in life. Here’s to contentment!

  2. Congrats on both milestones, although the one you reached in your mind is probably the most soul satisfying.

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