Abby’s wedding Trip

Anyone who knows me knows there are some things I just DON’T like. Hot weather, weddings and talking with people I don’t know rank right near the top. However, it was Abby’s wedding (our niece)

it was in Texas and it was in June. But she and Travis were tying the knot

And Michelle was in the wedding so off we went!

We have only been to Texas once, so we decided to have some fun with this trip. We were going to fly into San Antonio and slowly drive north to the wedding north of  Dallas.

The original plan was a straight shot flight to Texas from Portland. But, the travel gods had other ideas. We had to first fly to Seattle from Portland and then off to San Antonio. It was a morning of surprises….

First off, in TSA we went through quickly, but my backpack got pulled back.  I didn’t know you now have to take out the iPads.

So the iPads were put in a tray, and they and the  pack were taken back to be scanned again. The iPads came through quickly but there was no sign of the back pack.  That is until a TSA lady came to me carrying it and took me aside….

She started digging into the bag, and digging deep…. Suddenly she pulls out this.

I was in shock!!  I lost that over a year ago, and I had emptied that pack and turned it upside down. Never found it! It took an Xray machine ! I must have seemed sincere in my surprise and my story, The TSA lady laughed at me and took me to the kiosk to mail it home. Cost $20, but it was worth it!

Gotta say, it turns out flying from Sea Tac was a good thing. It was the perfect day, blue sky and no clouds. The pilot had requested and gotten permission to circle Mt Rainier! Damnit all that I didn’t have the phone or camera handy, but we were close enough to have seen the eye color of the abominable snowman. SO very cool.

Ironically, we left blue sky and sunshine of Portland and Seattle to land in pouring down rain San Antonio. But the rain did not cool things off. It was so muggy, the lens on my camera fogged anytime I took it out.

Given the rain I am not sure how many people wanted to ride in some of the options that were available.

We got lucky that night though, and the rain stopped long enough for us to walk along the Riverwalk for dinner. Then it was to bed and air conditioning.

The next morning, I was in search of Starbucks. When suddenly I found out we were a block from the Alamo (My one requested stop for the trip)


Well this was the ONLY dry photo we had of the place. By the time we went out to see it for real, it was pouring again! And I mean drenching rain!!  It was also too hot for a rain shell (even if we had one) so we walked in the rain in search of an umbrella. We were drenched…

I really wish I could have stayed there longer. but it was flat too wet, even for me. I was able to get one photo with the phone. Davy Crockett


If we go back I want to try this again.

We headed north, our next stop was to be Temple. Tx, close to Waco.

On the way I learned that the one thing in Texas that they do better is their rest areas! They have play grounds, exercise areas

and each bathroom is also a storm shelter!

While we were there, check out this overly long load!

It is a single blade of a giant rainbow!

We stopped in Austin for lunch, then to check out Mellow Johnnies, Lance Armstrong bike shop.

The store was huge, and I got to touch a $13,000 bike…  I touched it very carefully. The guy at the counter had just yelled at someone who was messing with the gears…

We stayed in Temple, and it was HOT!!!  We walked for some groceries, and almost melted.

The next morning, we hit up the free hotel breakfast and my inner 10 year old came out. For some reason, my FAVORITE thing in hotel breakfasts is being able to make my own waffles! (Yep I know it is backwards..)

We went to Waco and while Michelle shopped at the silos

I found shade and a book.

Afterwards we walked through down. We learned why Abby says Texans don’t ever walk. We almost got run over.

We were at an intersection the walk signal said walk, we started going and this twit coming the other way was making a left turn coming right at us in he crosswalk. Luckily I yell LOUD and she saw us, I kept YELLING at her saying we had a walk signal, and possibly a few choice comments on her intelligence. She yelled she had a green light and flipped me off!  We were paranoid from then on when we walked!

We had lunch in Waco


Luckily the signs are bilingual


Went to the Dr Pepper Museum

Checked out some cupcakes

And spotted a dinosaur

Ok the vacation part was over, the next day we were off to the wedding rehearsal. Michelle was Matron of honor. it was being held at The Rosemary Barn In McKinney Tx.  And truly, we had to “turn off the paved road” to get there. In doing so though I spotted Longhorns!!

Then AT the venue we had burros!

Not to mention prime facilities for those of us who might need a restroom!

I hung out in the shade as the wedding party went through their paces.


You’ll notice there are only 2 brides maids with Abby. Two of the others couldn’t make it.

During the rehearsal lunch, Abby told us one of her brides maid was her crazy-cat-lady-spinster-cousin. I was expecting someone 45 or 50….

Evidently in Texas 30 and single equals spinsterhood….. I had to bite my tongue to stop from asking her if she truly was a spinster cat lady….

Day of the wedding and I will tell you, there aren’t many photos from me. Why?

So any photos had to be stealth mode!!! (The photographer was tiny but she looked scary!)

Michelle of course was gorgeous!

And check out the hair

No lie, I had to go in search of all the bobby pins after the wedding, there had to be 25 or 30!

I hung out in shorts and in the A/c as long as I could (Michelle had to be there at noon, ceremony was 530.  Along about 430, I put on shows and a tie, along with slacks…  Oh it was 95 degrees and an outdoor wedding. Even the Texans were complaining about the heat!

During the wedding a turkey vulture flew over. Is that good or bad luck?

OK I snuck in some photos.

This bug was at my feet.

But the scary photographer kept glaring at me! So I put away the camera.

Oh wait one more, Archie the Beer Burro!

The reception afterwards was indoors and saved me from melting. The speeches were done, Michelle’s was great!  There were tears, hugs, dancing and me taking a giant cricket off the table and outside before it jumped onto great Aunt Phyllis’s meal!

The wedding and reception were fun, but getting back to the hotel and into shorts again was pure bliss!

Congrats Abby and Travis, love y’all!  (channeling my inner Texan!)


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