After Work Low Tide Adventure

I find it quite funny when Michelle talks to her brother. Invariably he will get around to asking her, “Are you bored living at the ocean yet?”

I can’t decide if he somehowthinks we would miss the hustle or bustle of the big city life (for the record we hate both the bustle as well as the hustle) or if he thinks there just isn’t anything to do down here…

Trust me, there is plenty to do….

This was a hard work week, even though it was only 3 days so far (I have to work Friday) . Everyone wanted something NOW, or at least before the holiday. Then yesterday, I was just disconnected from work. No idea why. And it was not the cat’s fault this time. I was dead in the water.  I spent 3 hours pulling weeds in the yard while they worked on it.

Needless to say, I was behind when I got logged on this morning. But, this is enough about work! With the week being hard, though, I wanted to do something fun!  I am lucky that this is  the season of low tides, I decided to go on an After Work Low Tide adventure!

A disclaimer! Before you follow in my footsteps KNOW your tides. You want a negative tide and you want to be going to these places as the tide is going out. The Coast Guard rescues people every year from these places who don’t pay attention.  Luckily for me, the tide was on the way out on the way to Negative after work. Time to go!!

My first stop was Boiler Bay!

In bad weather, or high surf, the waves can really get going here. I initially thought it was these waves that gave this place its name. It’s not. There is a real ships boiler here.

In 1910 the Wooden Steam Schooner, J Marhoffer

caught fire off the coast of Depoe Bay. the crew pointed to shore in order to save themselves. The ships boiler is still here! Hence the name.

I’ve always wanted to see the boiler, and yes I know, I am a nerd. So with the tide going out, I went in search of…

I parked at the main parking lot, and walked to where I thought the trial head was. First stopping for photos a cool rocks.

I found a trail and started walking, but there are no sign posts. All I knew was it somewhere on the north side of the bay.

In my head I thought this would be the easier of the two adventures. I was wrong. It is not dangerous or scary, but you do have to find your way, and at one point, climb down a ladder of tree roots to the rocks below.

Then work your way around to where you can see it. It is a rock to rock jump at times to stay dry, but there is a lot a see.

But then, I found it!

Yes I am a nerd! I did a high 5 to myself when I found it! Its a giant piece of rusted iron, but it is history. I’ve always wanted to see it.

Evidently, when the tide is low enough, you can walk up and touch it. Someday I will go see if there are starfish or other sea creatures inside. But today, just spotting it was enough. I had one more quest for the evening.

Ladies and gents, it was time to go INSIDE Devils Punchbowl!!

Yes, the interwebs is a wonderful thing! I was able to learn that in summer, at low tide, when the waves are not going nuts, it is perfectly safe to go inside. On my recon mission yesterday with the bike, for the fist time ever I saw people in there

It turns out this, which I thought would be the harder of the quests, was easy as could be! Though if you do it I recommend the tall rubber boots!

You come in from the north

When you get to the rocks you stay close to them. The more you walk the more amazing it is

Then when inside…  Well just look…


I just kept looking around and taking photos. Then I had to take a video!

I had some people on top taking my picture or video of me, cuz they yelled down to me and wanted me to wave! Being the ham I am, I obliged!

After I left and was looking around, I found another cave. check this out!

I was just enthralled. I could have stayed there for hours. What a night.

I had the place to myself. There was one lady who was hoping for a tide low enough to not get her feet wet.

But as I left she was still waiting for the tide to go out a bit more…

I LOVE being a coast kid! It has been over a year, and we are still discovering new things! I can’t see myself ever being bored here, and I am so lucky to have been able to work and live here!

Be careful if you do either of these! Reach out to me with questions, but make sure to bring a camera! Both were truly memorable!


2 thoughts on “After Work Low Tide Adventure

  1. We’ve only looked over the edge at Boiler Bay so far. Had no idea where the name came from. Fascinating! We walked inside Devil’s Punchbowl on our honeymoon almost 27 years ago! I know I have pics here somewhere. I can’t believe we actually live here now!

    I am really enjoying learning about my new “neighborhood” from your adventures! Thank you. And I’m claiming the whole central coast as my “neighborhood”!

    p.s. I will NEVER get bored here either! And I will NEVER miss the hustle & bustle of Silicon Valley! But, I do need to eventually find a new job! You’re lucky you are able to work remotely (except for the technical issues).

    1. Diane, we are VERY lucky we could move here with jobs! It made all the difference.

      That big rock behind the boiler makes it invisible from the boiler bay turn out. It is not an easy walk to it (unless there is a trail I missed,)

      Glad you understand all there is to love around here! Never bored. Happy my blog and bike riding helps you get to know the place. Good luck on the job hunt

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