Cycling the Oregon Coast is never dull!

So a year ago this weekend, the intrepid cycling team of Rob and Tony saddled up before 4 AM in Seattle and rode 212 miles to Portland, crossing the finish line about 8 PM













That was my last year doing this! I am done with 200 miles days 🙂

This year, though, in honor of my 8000 best Seattle friends who lined up yesterday to ride, I decided I needed to do my part as well. Yesterday I wore the most recent 1 day STP t-shirt all day

And today, I put on the one day jersey for a 50 mile ride. I am pretty sure I will NOT forget this ride…

I decided to do a ride I hadn’t done yet this year. Driving to Pacific City and riding from there to the Cape Meares Lighthouse and back. A good 50 mile ride with some serious climbing.

The first two times I did this, I parked at Haystack Rock.

This is the parking area the Dory Boat Fisherman, the surfers and people going to the Pelican Brew Pub park. I hadn’t had any issues parking there before. But all good things must come to an end…<cue the foreshadowing music!> More on that later…

I was parked at 730 and ready to go, but instead of heading north, I went back into town. I had caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye driving in, and I had to go back to make sure it was what I thought.

Yep sure enough it was

Now I have NO clue why this is there. Is it a commentary on one side of politics or another? A protest about bad plumbing? Or three guys sitting around drinking beer and eating pizza when one says, “HEY!!! I just had a brilliant idea!”  We will probably never know, but whatever the reason they earned a place in the blog.

But that was NOT the only thing of interest this day!

Editors warning: Please note the more tender hearted should skip the next paragraph!

A few miles down the road, there was the largest road kill I have ever seen (For the squeamish amongst us, I refrained from a photo.) Turns out it was an elk. And judging by the car debris, it was a BAD wreck, the elk took the worst of it though! The first thing that alerted me to it though was the swarm of turkey vultures who saw this as Sunday brunch! Gross, yes I know, but the science and bird nerd in me found it very cool!


But the ride kept getting better. The first really big climb is about 3 miles, and it goes over Cape Lookout. It is tough! Add to it, it was starting to get warm here at the coast. I had been hoping for a cool cloudy day, it was looking like it wasn’t going to happen! Blue sky and sunshine was the order of the day.

I made it to the top of the climb to see this.

I couldn’t tell what this was.Was it an urban assault unicycle? A new fangled wheelbarrow? Turns out the second guess was closer.

Meet Charles

My new buddy is currently in the process of walking from the Us Mexico border to Port Harvey Canada, roughly 1360 miles as the crow flies who knows how many miles by foot. He walks each day till he gets tired, then finds a place off the road to camp, then starts again the next day.

On Memorial Day Weekend he was near Santa Monica when he got a ticket for rolling his cart through an area closed due to Snowy Plover nesting season. The Rangers were up high looking for 4 wheeled quad riders breaking the rules. As he put it, “They found a 1 wheeler” To the tune of a $285 ticket…

He plans to walk the whole way to Port Hardy with the exception of hitching a ride over the bridge from Astoria to Washington (No pedestrians allowed and he can’t afford another ticket) and the ferry to Vancouver Island. I think Aberdeen will be a challenge as well….

Funny thing, I saw him coming and going but later realized I never asked him WHY he was doing this. Seemed like such a cool trip, and I was just spellbound by imagining all he would see.  it just never occurred to me to ask!

The rest of the ride to the lighthouse was very pretty and uneventful. I love the tiny lighthouse at Cape Meares.

And the views!


After a snack it was time for the ride back!  It was still getting warmer, and traffic getting a bit heavier. But it was a great ride with no issues, the legs felt great, even when climbing, and I got to say howdy to Charles once more as he trudged north.

As I got to the wide part of the road called Tierra del Mar, a few miles north of my finish line, I started seeing these.

I was a little worried here. I sometimes do live Facebook videos from the beach. I didn’t want some disgruntled Coaster taking his wrath out on me!

Well Google is a an amazing thing, turns out Facebook has bought some beach front here (See Story) and want to drill to install the western terminus of a underwater fiberoptic cable. They seem unhappy with this idea!

And now, Da Da DAAAAAAAAA! The foreshadowed event!

Charles told me his least favorite town so far was Pacific City. it was too crowded and the people were rude. Well sure as hell, I got back to the car and I was completely parked in on all 4 sides!!!  A cop came by and he was pissed, there were a good 15 cars stuck by jerks who decided they didn’t care. But he told us he was not allowed to tow them. Nice guy, but madder than a wet hen.

Then, some ass on a motorcycle, (some foreign job not a Harley) adds his bike in front of my car. I asked him not to, his response was, “Well you are stuck anyway” and left.

Won’t lie, I was sitting there pondering whether to knock over his bike or just let the air out of his tires, when the family parked behind me showed to to leaved (I was only there 10 minutes!) I was able to ask the guy who wanted that spot to block for me so I could get out!

Good thing too. There was another motorcycle  that had blocked in two cars. The owners were looking for people to help lift up the bike and move it somewhere the owner wouldn’t be able to find it. Yes it was getting ugly!  I think the cycling gods smiled on me! Had I been 10 minutes later I would not have been able to get out and might still be there.

It was an excellent ride. 50 miles and perfect weather. I have already scouted out a better place to park for the next time I do this. And it just seemed right to ride on STP weekend.

As you can see from the post, the coast is NEVER boring!


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