Tourist Day on the Beach!

I am a very firm believer sometimes you have to play tourist where you live. When we lived in the Seattle area, Michelle and I did this by Riding the Duck, going to Mt Rainier, and taking Abby to the troll in Fremont.

Troll, SeattleToday I did a bit of touristing on the coast….

Now normally on the weekend I spend one day on the bike and one day with Michelle. I very much enjoy it that way. This weekend though, Michelle is up in Seattle helping out a friend, so I am on my own! I decided to head out for a an adventure or two.

I mentioned that its good to be a tourist where you live. I think it helps you appreciate the beauty of your home that you might miss otherwise. I do have to say it is HARD to miss the beauty at the Oregon coast as shown by the sunset photo I took Friday night.

HEY, just a quick question! This was taken the same evening, do you guys see a face in the righthand cloud???

But I digress!

Initially my plan was to ride the bike today, and then travel south to one of my favorite beaches tomorrow. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and realized that if I drove south on Sunday, I’d be in the traffic mess with all the Inlanders going home from a weekend at the beach. I switched gears and went south today.

The place I went to was Cape Perpetua (Now I have been pronouncing it PER=Pe=two-Ah) for years.  At Red Roof Pizza tonight, I was informed  it is Per- Pet-chew a, essentially perpetual without the L. Oh well live and learn!)

Anyhow, this is a very remote and rocky beach 50 miles south of us.

Most of this area is made up of basalt rock (lava that cooled from an ancient eruption)

Knowing this, as I have been there before, I busted out the hiking boots.

Gotta tell ya! After having worn sandals for most of my time here, wearing these I felt like I could walk up the side of the wall!!

My goal was to find something I had only heard legend of, Thor’s Well. I had seen many a photo of it, but did not know where it was. As luck would have it, when I was showing our friend Kaye around in May, we stopped at the Cooks Chasm overlook in Cape Perpetua.

From there I was pretty sure I saw the well! I just needed to find a day to get there. Today was the day!

In one way I miscalculated though. I got there at low tide….  I learned today that Thors Well is pretty boring at low tide…

On the plus side though, I was able to spot quite a few cool animals. Such as my buddy the Rock Crab

Lots of starfish


And of ALL things, polliwogs! (Tadpoles) I am not sure what these will grow into, but some had there legs already!

You know how much I love science stuff.

It turns out though, I was in the right place at the right time. I went south a bit to check out the crashing waves and spray

And I ended up near the stairway of the Cape Perpetua State Park road side pull out. There is great trail and stairway down to the lava rocks from there. Once on the rocks though, it is still treacherous to walk on. The boots made it east for me.

I was getting close to Devils Churn

When I noticed an older white haired cowboy looking pretty damn unsteady on the rocks. Now normally my cold and callous self woulda left him be. But I was honestly worried he would fall into the water, then I’d have to call 911, dive in and save him, be a big damn hero, and probably have to do paperwork. Seemed easier to ride herd on him a bit.

Sure enough, before I could get there, he took a tumble, luckily AWAY from the water.  He hit his hands and chin on the sharp rocks and his glasses went flying.

I gathered up his glasses (they were bent out of shape but lenses intact) and got him in a sitting position. There were cuts on his hands and his chin, but no apparent serious injuries. I am sure he will be hurting tomorrow though.

I talked him into letting me get him back to the stairway. Without glasses and wearing what looked like slippers there was a good chance he would fall again. I got him to the stairs and figured out why he didn’t want to go. His wife was NOT happy with him! As I walked away I heard “I TOLD YOU NOT TO WALK ON THOSE ROCKS!!!!”

Thing is, I could see me doing the same thing at his age….

I walked back to the Well, but it was still boring.

However, there was this dumb ass letting his granddaughter walk near the edge of the rocks well out of his reach. They were on the OTHER side of the well! Just before this, I had grabbed her arm as she stumbled by me near the lip of the well…. We lose MORE inlanders to stupidly!  Hell one sneaker wave coulda gotten both of them!  I am assuming they survived.

I had plenty of time to kill, and I really wanted to see the well at a higher tide.

I went back into Yachats (pronounce Yah- HOTS) and took the Amanda Trail. This trail, and the story behind it, deserves its own post, but I will say it was VERY nice being in the woods and hearing the waves

And there was this on the way up…

I love Nurse Logs… I mean stumps…..

The hike was fun, but it also killed enough time for the tide to start coming back. Thor’s Well was completely different!

Not to mention the video!

I stood there for 40 minutes just watching and enjoying the waves! There were stupid people getting closer to it for selfies, but I figured Darwin would decide their fate!

It was a excellent day, and well worth the 100 mile round trip! I will go back in the fall when the waves are bigger and people fewer. But if you ever want to go, head down 101 south of Yachats. Go to the Cooks Chasm over look. Wear sturdy shoes and stay away from the edge! It is VERY much worth the trip.

I am glad I played tourist today!

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