Look and you will see

I’d love to take credit for the title of this post, but I can’t. Our buddy Tom, after seeing a video I will be sharing a bit later on.

He was referring to nature. He has spent many a day in the mountains and near the ocean. He has learned, as have I, that just looking around, paying attention, and getting out of the car can reveal wonders many would have missed. These last few weeks have proven this time and again here at the coast!

We all know I am a cyclist. In fact, it was the love of the bike that started, and has maintained this blog for over 6 years. I love riding along the Oregon Coast, and never tire of the things I see.

However, and I know this will be shock., there are somedays I just want to sit and relax. This last Sunday was one of those days. I decided to sit on the back deck and read. But, knowing where I am I had the camera and camcorder at hand.  Good thing I did!

The robin was quite happy munching on bugs and berries in the push in the back yard.

Meanwhile, Norbert the hummingbird was chowing down!


All the while, the neighborhood osprey family (yep we have a mom and dad raising a young one just down the road) were making all kinds of noise and flying overhead. It was the perfect lazy Sunday.

But its not just birds in the neighborhood. Check out this lady…

She looks prim and proper walking across the street, but last week Michelle caught her in the act!

YEP, she raids the neighbors bird feeder!! She was happy to sit there and snack while Michelle took the photos (Great work Michelle!)

We have had our own visitors as well (along with this birdseed thief) But who could shoo these guys away.

We don’t mind the deer snacking in out back yard because we don’t have a garden planted. They eat the wild Oregon grapes, the huckleberries and the occasional dandelion. As far as we are concerned they come snack any day!

Another thing that cuts down on the bike miles is the beach walk. Sometimes I finds agates, sometimes I sees sunsets, and sometimes, like this week the starfish were out in force.

You would think after almost 18 months living here and 54 years on the planet I would get tired or bored with starfish. I am happy to report that at least to date, that has not occurred!


It was fun, there was a family with some kids there looking at them and the youngest girls (10 or so) kept wanting to point out more to me. I just kept letting her point as I took the pictures.

Then as I left I met a lady with a maybe 12 year old son. He looked bored and unhappy! As I went by, I told mom where the starfish were. His eyes went wide and he looked at her, she said, “Go ahead!” and he took off running to see them. she smiled and said a very sincere thank you as I kept going. ALL kids love starfish, even kids at heart!

This was the best part though. Hovering almost overhead was an osprey looking for dinner! Its a bit blurry but it was a shot from the hip!

This is the type of the thing people miss. They look at the waves, and the sun, the starfish if they find them and the kids having fun. But there is life going on all around… Sometimes you have to look up! Sorry to say, I did NOT see him get a fish…

There WAS a ride or two this week though! I wasn’t completely lazy.

One night, almost home I had to stop for this.

A blue heron hanging out at sunset. And who could blame him!

But last night’s ride was truly amazing! I was just doing a quick after work 30 miler, when I saw, in Boiler Bay, a crowd of people, and these two

Looking at something.

Sure enough, the gray whales were putting on a show, just off shore

Now I have to confess here. On this next shot I cheated a little. I had seen in the past rainbow spouts. The light hits the vapor just right and makes a rainbow. If you look at the video closely you might see it.

Orrrr, I could snag a screen shot from the video! (no filters were used in the creation of this!)

But if that wasn’t enough, he got closer!

And closer (this is the video that spawned the title of this post)

He even waved goodbye!

I was less than 10 miles into my 30 mile planned ride. But I almost stopped right there and said ‘ta hell with it!’

I am glad I didn’t though! I saw 4 more whales in my travels, and helped a couple out here from New York see one for the first time. I was also able to give some local advice on route and camping to 3 cyclists heading eventually for Santa Barbara.

But, the whales here in Boiler Bay were the star of the night!

Ladies and gents, there is SO much to see, and so much that people miss. Work and life stresses are hard. But get outside. Smell the scents, hear the sounds, taste the air, feel the breeze, and don’t just look, try to see.

Relax and let your eyes pick up motion. Sits for a bit and see what comes by. And if you see it, share it with those around you. People love it when I show them bald eagles. Kids get excited when they see whales. If it makes you smile, then it might others. And if it don’t? Who cares, you tried!

There is a lot to see in the world, take the time to see as much as you can!


3 thoughts on “Look and you will see

  1. You have such a good eye for spotting things, and you have definitely taught me to LOOK UP! I always marvel at your eagle pics, but that whale video – WOW!! My husband and I were super excited last week spotting a whale swimming really close from a bench at Rocky Point. We spotted it about 15 seconds after we sat down. I thought our pics were pretty good until I saw yours. Funny story…I always show my husband your pics and so whenever we see a bicyclist, he says, “is that him”? and I always remind him I don’t think I could actually recognize you as we drive by, since I don’t actually know you in real life! LOL!

    1. I have a silver bike with a yellow pack on the back ! I have a few people who beep as they go by, and I always wave! I also have the brightest tail light and headlight on the coast, thanks to my wife. I am wash to spot!

      Tell your hubby I said HI!

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