Yes sir! That is just the rock I needed!

Ok, before I jump into the new post I gotta tell you what JUST happened!

I am on the back porch, sipping wine and looking at the photos I took at the beach, when I hear a noise. I look up and there go two deer, a doe and a buck, bouncing (I am told it is called pronking) right through the back yard in front of me! I had no chance to get a camera. I just watched with my mouth open!  I LOVE my back yard!

Ok on to the post!

It was one LONG assed work week! Nothing different than any other. But on Wednesday, I was sure it was Thursday, and from then on, I didn’t think the week would end! At 245 today, I got everything done that needed to be done. I sent my brand new boss (I was traded last week for a future draft pick and a player to be named later) that I was done and signing off! The weekend had begun!

Michelle and I watered and checked on the praying Mantis we rescued today. He was fine.

By the way. The tree you see is one of these 3.(the lodgepole pine in front)

The lot next to us is vacant and over grown We are hoping no one ever builds there. But if they do, these trees would have been plowed under. We did a tree rescue/relocation last weekend, saving the lodgepole pine and 2 grand firs! The praying manis is glad we did!

OK I digress

After we watered, we then sat down to breathe a bit.

After dinner I got antsy. I was sitting on the couch and my head was drooping falling asleep. So I decided to do something I had NOT done since we moved here. I walked to the beach from the house!

I know, I know, almost 18 months and I hadn’t walked the mile to the beach???  I usually drive then walk. Tonight I manned up and did the walk!

The closest beach to us is Taft

Of all the beaches in town this is the busiest! It has the most parking, it is the most accessible, and there are hotels right there! I tend to avoid it, but today I walked right through it, and yes it was busy!

But like most places, if you are willing to walk, you can get past the crowds and I did. Soon I had big parts of the beach to myself. It was a great night!

in the end I did 4.5 miles!

But along the way I did run into one family.

There was what I assume was gramma and grandpa with a 6 or 7 year old grandson,

The grandson was playing the game kids have played since there were kids at the ocean. He would run after the surf as the waves went out, then as a wave came in, he would turn around and RUN at top speed away from the wave, screaming at the top of his lungs! The beach was made for kids

Grandpa was on his feet and right there to pounce in case of a sneaker wave, something more adults need to do.

As I walked by I said hi and then said “That’s a GREAT way to wear him out! Every kid plays that game.” He agreed completely.

Now when I walk the beach I always have my sand scoop to help find agates

Kids (and some adults) are fascinated by this and I get questions about it ALL the time.

Well the grandson saw it and ran up and said, “What is that for?”

“I use it to find cool rocks.” and moseyed on.

A while later, I stopped to watch the waves.

When suddenly I heard this voice yelling, “I FOUND A ROCK!!!!”

I was good 300 yards at least away from grandpa, and this kid was at a full sprint running to me. In his hand was this rock.

“I found this cool rock! Is this what you are looking for???” I looked over and saw grandpa watching him.

OK, in all honesty this is NOT the rock I was looking for! I look for agates.

BUT, when a little guy gives up his fun, finds a rock, and runs his lungs out to come find  you out of the goodness of his heart, you better believe I said “Yes sir! That is just the rock I needed!” and I let him put it in the scoop!

When I said that he got a HUGE smile, then hoofed it back toward grandpa. I can’t speak for certain, cuz I didn’t get a chance speak to him, but I am pretty damn sure grandpa was happy I took the rock!

After he left, I rinsed it and put it in the backpack, it is now in the front rockery! Every time I look at it I will think of the little dude who wanted to help a rock geek! Kids are born helpers and love everyone. In a small way, I hope I helped keep him that way.

On the way back, from a good half mile away I spotted this

One of the coolest kites ever.

I watched it fly almost all the back to the end of the beach.

Ladies and gents, not that I needed it, but once again, today I was shown why I love being a coast kid!

Do NOT hesitate to come down if you ever get a chance to come to the Oregon Coast!

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  1. Thank you so much for letting us “go to the beach” with you! I see that you are in grandparent training (brace yourself, it’s coming…) I have never seen a kite like that, it is wonderful. Put it down on your grandparenting list. My three-year-old granddaughter fell in love with the octopus at the aquarium, now I have to find an octopus book to read to her every week.

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