Yes, yes indeed I belong here

I keep waiting for it to happen. Sooner or later, someone who follows this blog is going to say. “Dammit! Enough is enough! I am tired of ‘I love living on the Oregon Coast posts!!!’ ”  Well, reader beware, here comes another one….

Now to be fair, there are hard days here. Life is NOT all pixies, rainbows and unicorns. There are some work days that TRULY suck ass. It is everything I can do to get through them sometimes. Both Michelle and I have those days.

But then there are the NON work hours…

Just as an example, look who turned up in the neighborhood earlier this week.

These two came waltzing through like they owned the joint. I was on the front porch and spotted my neighbors out on their’s just to take the photos.

No matter how bad the workday is, how can you keep being cranky when two deer (Michelle and I call the male Fuzzy Buck cuz of the felt on his antlers) walk down your road.

The nature I see here is a big part of what I love.

Let me take a tangent here for a bit.

I look back on the life of mountainstroh, and wonder what woulda happened if a took a different turn. What if I went to Oregon State University and became a Marine Biologist. Or at WSU became did become a Forestry major as I first thought I would? Where would I be now?

But then I realize the roads I took gave me the loving wife I have and the kids that are now amazing men. I made the right choices! AND It got me here!

OK end of tangent…

This has been a great few weeks!

First off, for the back yard has been alive!

Of course we all know our local hummingbird Norbert

For a while I considered not filling his food, letting him fend for himself. He has let me know he likes his feeder and I better keep it full.

However,we decided to add birdseed back there. For the first time ever I spotted this dude

We have chipmunks in the back yard! How cool is that!

Being a coast kid has helped me slow down and just watch what happens… I used to be all about the miles and GO GO GO. Now I slow down to see…

Speaking of seeing, the whales have been out in force!

At Depoe Bay, Boiler Bay, Yaquina Head and Devils Punchbowl, for the last month the whales have been putting on a show! I have been here almost 18 months, but if I see a spout (or a bald eagle for that matter) I still stop to check it out! I may not get 3000 miles of riding by the end of the year, and truly I don’t care. I am too happy to worry about miles.

Oh I stop for blue herons too.


When we lived up in Washington, my stress relief was the bike. And it still helps! But now there is so much more that makes me happy and relieves stress

Sunsets for example

Crashing waves on rocks

And beach walks.

I love spotting starfish

Or just life on rocks in general at low tide.

Then there is life in tide pools.

I can sit and look at a good tide pool for hours. Today, though, I busted out the GoPro to share it with you!

Gotta luv hermit crabs!

But I would be remiss if I neglected sea birds.

I know this is always a shock, but I am truly more than just a shorter version of Tom Selleck, I am a bird nerd! Check out the shots I got on on my walk tonight

I never see these guys unless they are flying. But I was walking slow, looking for agates and there he was…

What it comes down to is this: I was lucky enough to marry a gorgeous woman

Who’s dream was to move back to the coast. We worked hard and long and were able to do so! I knew I would love it, but I had no idea I would be happier here than anywhere I have ever been.

I call myself a coast kid now. And every single week something happens that reminds me how lucky I am to be one!

Like the wind!

5 thoughts on “Yes, yes indeed I belong here

  1. Wow! You’re not caring if you cycle your 3,000 miles this year? Oregon has made you a changed man!

    I like your introspection on how life might be different had you made different decisions. I have a favorite poem that reflects on this — check out the poem called “I Go Back to the House for a Book” by Billy Collins. I also have a favorite song that reflects on this — check out “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. (You might wanna turn the lights low and hold your gorgeous Michelle when you listen to this song.) :0)

    1. I agree. The coast has changed my hunger for miles. Being here means I will trade a 3 mile beach walk for a 40 mile ride and not regret it in the least.

      I will check out poem and song, slow dance for sure

  2. T,

    I totally get it too. We moved to Wine Country instead of the Beach, but we have many of the same things – a slower pace of life, natural beauty, interesting wildlife, etc. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Also, I’ve wondered what life would be like if I had done “this” instead of “that”, and despite all the ups and downs in my life, I wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t have what I have now. And I like things now… 🙂

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