I love our back yard.

So there were plans today to rent a giant weed eater and clear back some of the vacant lot next us. There are weeds, scotchbroom and blackberry bushes slowly encroaching on our yard. I say rent the weedeater. because we have no grass! A yard of bark and plants only! (Can I just say I love not mowing)

We received an email though, from the head cowboy of the HOA, saying a tree/landscaper is supposed to be out today to give a bid to clean up the lot to the owner. Since its 1) his responsibility, and 2) seemed like it was going to be hard work, I was happy to hang up the idea.

This found me sitting not he back deck in the morning, ready a book and sipping coffee.

While siting there, I found myself thinking, as I do often, I love our back yard!

The front is ok. We have these guys who come visiting a lot.


We live in a new neighborhood In Lincoln City Oregon. Its a VERY nice place. A lot of folks older than us who are retired, and ones younger with little kids. It’s a neighborhood where the kids run from one house to another, depending on who they are playing with, and we all keep an eye out for them.

The one draw back is that it is built on a hill. Those near the top have a great view. But this also means many of the houses have small yards, and if they are in their back yard, there is a house right above them looking down. If you look at the deer picture, the top of that rock wall is the back yard of the house above.

However, Michelle did an EXCELLENT job at choosing which house we wanted to look at. When we were first here I looked outside and saw this.

Nothing but trees and yard and no houses. Plus this drops into a ravine, so no houses CAN be built.

Now it looks like this!

Last fall we added bulbs so this last spring we also had this

But this is only part of why I like it back there.

Today, with the high summer tourist season over and no new houses going up I was sitting on the deck and just enjoying the trees .

The birds chirping, there was no wind and it was nice enough not have a coat.

I am still amazed at all the things I see back here.

Steller Bluejays are everywhere

Last week I heard a weird noise turned out to be this guy

The red breasted nuthatch

They put seeds in cracks of trees and hit them with their beak (like small woodpeckers) to open them. They are all over.

Then there is the huckleberry push on top of the stump (I thought it was an Oregon grape but I was corrected)

Humming birds roost here. small birds hide and grab bugs, and this guy is ALWAYS there

Sometimes I just sit and watch what goes in and out of the bush.

Then of course our deer friends come by


One night I was out there and a buck and doe ran past so fast that I barely had time to see them, and NO chance for a camera!

Let us also not forget these guys, these little Townsend Chipmunks are shy, but noisy!

As dusk hits, I will sometimes see a bat or two fly overhead. They live in the woods and eat a ton of bugs! I am happy to share the back woods with them.

Summer evenings I can usually sit without a coat. But I will bust out a sweatshirt or even the winter parka to go out and enjoy the night sky.

The house blocks out most of the light from the neighborhood, and I can see more stars than I ever could in the Seattle area. I’ve seen satellites moving across the sky, and one very cool night, I watched the International  Space Station (ISS) fly overhead.

And, of course, the moon.

I have always been a night sky nerd, well, as well as many other kinds of nerds. This yard is great for that. The only thing I have not seen is shooting star (but I bet I will!)

In short we have an incredible yard. In the winter when the stars are our and the waves are crashing, I go back there and look up and listen. Summer nights I take my iPad kindle app and a glass of wine and just sit and read, smelling the evergreen and watching for bats.

Then of course there are  the hummingbirds

Won’t lie, I also walk out here during a bad work day just to breathe a bit….

Everyone needs that special place, there are many to choose from on the coast, but I am lucky to have one just outside the dining room door!

3 thoughts on “I love our back yard.

  1. Love your backyard! Ain’t it great to have such a wonderful “extra room” to your house!

    Love your gnome, too. I saw a yard sculpture the other day of a little Sasquatch — maybe 12″ in height. It was walking away with a gnome tucked under its arm. 🙂 Should have taken a photo for you!

  2. As we’ve talked about before, getting out of the city/populated area is the best! I couldn’t see the Milky Way from over on the West Side of the Cascades. It is beautiful!

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