The Weather is changing

Here we are at the end of our second summer as coast kids. The days are getting shorter. The mornings are a little cooler, and we are getting more rain. Shoot we got two inches between Saturday and Monday morning.

But it is NOT raining all day everyday, so there is still ample time to get outside, and so I have!

Thursday, I did my normal after work 30 mile ride to Devils Punchbowl and back.

For those who are not in the know, this means I have a 1.5 mile climb, each way, over Cape Foulweather.  After the climb, regardless of the weather, I like to check out the view from the top. I am thinking you can tell why!

Before I got there, though, there was PLENTY to see!

Since coming down to the coast and living here, I am learning that it is it truly necessary to always have your camera with you. One just never knows what one will see or where.

As I was going past the Siletz wildlife refuge I spotted the Egret ready to take flight. I’d love to say I planned this shot with all the colors from the grass and the white bird. Bur it was luck of the draw.

Much like this one with the pelican at Depoe Bay. My Bird Nerd and cycling work well together.

The birds weren’t the only thing in the air though.

As I got to Boiler Bay, I noticed a Coast Guard chopper hovering over the water. I busted out the binoculars (also a necessity when at the ocean) and saw they were doing some training, pulling people out of the water.

I sat there and watched for a while, no one else seemed to be noticing, and when I pointed it out, most just dismissed it. I liked it because it just proves no matter how many times, I ride this route, there is always something new to see!

While watching, two whales decided to pop out and spout. Just adding to the complete off shore show. I wasn’t able to get their photo, but I enjoyed it none the less.

When I got to Depoe Bay, there were whales off shore putting on a show. Not to be outdone, the Spouting Horn was a going off as well!

Its no wonder I don’t get as many miles, I just like to sits and watches!

I tore myself away, though and that got me to the top of Foulweather. I ran into two cyclists on the top that had been dealing with serious weather.

One was an older guy who has done the coast before. He said he was taking the “easy route” and hoteling it down the coast.

(For the record, just cuz you sleep in a hotel doesn’t make the hills, winds or rains any easier on the bike!)

The day before, rain was coming down HARD with a strong wind.  He said he woke up, saw the weather, and called down to the front desk to stay another day! He had no desire to ride into that storm

The lady was a different story. She was camping the coast, but her husband was the sherpa breaking down and setting up camp for her as she rode. She was in the middle of the big rain, and had no choice but to keep going. When it rains like that it means the wind is in her face as she goes south. It was wet, cold and miserable, but she made it!

Luckily, when we three riders were talking, it was the blue sky you see above, warm and she had a tail wind. She seemed much happier!

it was a great after work ride, and having this half a mile from the house at the end was nice as well!

Even better for this ride, the neighbors had dropped off some brownies!!!  YUM (one is already gone….)

So one reason I have fewer miles is the things I see as I ride, the other is the fact I love to walk the beach! On a evening like yesterday, do you blame me?

Whats fun about this time of year is the waves get bigger, so new stuff starts to appear.

This big ole drift wood tree is new

As are these huge gobs of bullwhip kelp

Something I had not seen before were these

They were all over in bunches and on their own. I had no clue what they were, but an old buddy came through for me., These are market squid egg pods.  The waves had tossed them on shore. But not to worry, there are PLENTY more still in the water.

I had to acknowledge last night  I have an issue though. In addition to a bird nerd and bike nerd, I am a beach nerd! I have my camera, video camera, binoculars, sand scoop, agate bag and Swiss army knife with me at all times when at the beach. Then, if I am going somewhere really cool, I add the rock hammer and GoPro….  Yep I am a nerd!

But it let me get these shots of the pelicans!

And this video of a kid who got too close to the seal lions on the beach. People need to teach their kids better!

So two great evenings, 32 miles on the bike Thursday after work and a 3.76 mile beach walk (Oh yeah, I forgot, I also have the gps watch with me on the beach..) last night. Two excellent ways to relieve work stress and remind me why I love to live here!



6 thoughts on “The Weather is changing

  1. Gosh darn, you live in a cool place! I’m having these dreams of staying in a house for a few weeks, in a town aside the beach, being able to enjoy the wildlife on the land and in the water, all while enjoying the love of two kitties. 😉

  2. T, I totally get the weather change. Yesterday was likely our last 80F day this year. Today is rain, hail, and high winds and in the 30’s this morning. As they say – Winter is coming!

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