Boy you must have pedaled like the dickens!

I was a GREAT Oregon Coast weekend.

I know, I know! When have I ever said it was a bad weekend on the Oregon Coast? For that matter, when have I ever said it was a bad Oregon Coast day?

But this one was great for things to see, weather, and just plain fun!

I shoulda known something good was coming. Thursday I got drenched on a 26 mile after work ride (though I did see whales as I ate my trail mix cookie in the deluge.)

As I got close to home, though, and crossed the bridge into town, I looked up Schooner Creek and saw this.

I am starting a new wivestail! Rainbow on Thursday means great weekend coming….

So Friday came, and it was a typical work day. Lotsa calls, firing off emails and cranking through the work load.

I was told “You are always suck a pleasure to talk to!” Clearly she does not know my cold and callous reputation!

The day ended, as did the rain. My cycling gear was still drying out from the wet ride the night before. So a beach walk was called for.

I went to the north end of town and parked at the Road’s End wayside.

When I got there I looked North and saw this.

I looked south and saw this.

I went south!

It was nip and tuck there for a bit! As soon as I started walking, I could feel rain drops hitting. They were light, and I was walking AWAY from the rain clouds, so I kept going. I learned long ago I don’t melt in the rain.

Well the weather gods took pity on me, and the clouds never really opened up. Soon it had stopped even the drizzle.

The view behind was still a bit menacing with these clouds over the Cascade Head

But luck was with me and they stayed there!

It was a great 4 mile walk!

First the Sanderlings were out chasing and being chased by the surf.

I zoomed on on a photo and I took of them running and found 2 things!

First, I caught a couple with feet off the ground! They were running so fast their feet weren’t touching the sand,

AND I found one that was running with his dinner, a little red worm, still in its beak.

I really like these little guys! They bring a cuteness factor to the beach.

It was an EXCELLENT wave night.

You wouldn’t know it, but under that splash is a bretty good sized off shore rock.

These is something about wave watching, Whether with rocks or not. The shear power of them. The fact nothing can stop them, and just the magic of the ebb and flow. I could easily sit and watch for hours.

In addition to all this, also stumbled on a bit of beach art! I was glad when I figured out what I was seeing. From a distance I swear it looked like a dead sea lion.

Saturday dawned cold but clear.

Which was nice as Saturday was the first day of the Fall Kite Festival here in Lincoln City. The last one we went to was foggy but windy and looked like this.


Sadly, though, as pretty as it was, there was NO wind. This year it looked like this.

But, on the bright side, Michelle and I got a 4 mile walk in together as we went to see if the kites would fly.

Oh, and the waves were still big enough that the surfers were out.

We had a great day. I am hoping those who came for the festival still had fun!

Today dawned cold but clear again. It was time for a bike ride!

It was an excellent day for a 44 mile round trip to the Yaquina Lighthouse and back.

it was one of those rides where I started out all bundled up in layers, but as the sun got higher, I was able to shuck them. Once again the winds were light (no idea if the kites flew today out not) but excellent coast cycling weather!

I stopped at Depoe Bay, as I normally do, and I was lucky enough to spot whales!

Its been over 18 months and I still ALWAYS stop for whales!

On top of Cape Foulweather, you could see forever.

While I was enjoying the view, a older couple came up to join me. They had a few questions about the route they were taking and places to see. I filled them in and added a few things. Then told them I had to get going, I was off to the lighthouse.

The older fella said, “We’ll give you a head start! Then beep as we pass!”

Well I bombed down the hill and pedaled the 6 miles to the Lighthouse, never hearing a beep.

When I got there, I looked north and saw something on this rock just off shore.

A closer look showed me this!

Sure enough! There was a bald eagle on top, hanging out keeping an eye out for lunch! I made sure to tell those around me about it! Seems nice to share!

As I walked back to the bike, I ran into the older couple just getting out of their car. He waked up to me with a big smile and shaking is head, “Boy you must have pedaled like the Dickens to get here so fast!!”

I patted him on the back and said, “Nope! Sometimes I just surprise people! Have a great trip to California!”

And off I went, turning north for home!

I love being an Oregon Coast Cyclist and a Coast Kid in general. But this weekend really was amazing!

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  1. When we were there last year, there were some really great kites flying. The Whales were my favorites! As I recall, we were having dinner and you could see them our the windows!

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