Agate Karma

There is an old legend on the Oregon Coast.

Ok OK, maybe I am just making this up out of thing air! But my blog, my story!

Now where was I… Oh yes.

There is an old legend on the Oregon Coast. If you give away an agate, the beach with reward you with more. It is called agate  karma.

For those of you who don’t know, agates are rocks found along the coast in the sand, generally near the surf. Some you almost see through, other are more opaque. If you aren’t  sure it you have found one, either hold it up to the sun or, if its cloudy, bust out your phone, It will glow in direct light

Michelle is out champion so far. Check out this beauty she found one day.


Generally though, they are much smaller.

I enjoy the hell out of finding them, its like finding buried treasure. And it truth the more you fine, the more you will find! You get good at spotting likely specimens!

OK I digress. I reign in my inner rock nerd. Back to the legend.

So after a very long Monday, which ended with a painful webinar presentation. (Seriously bow many times can a presenter say “Right?” in a half hour period??) It was time to head for the beach!

The weather looked perfect!

It was also warm and not wind!  I was looking forward to the walk.

I’d been walking along , using the sand scoop to check on likely suspects. When an older couple, walking the opposite  way, came up to me.

The guy asked me what I was looking for. When I said, “Agates and such” He handed me a pretty darn nice one he had just found. I barely had time to say. “Thanks!” and he was off!

I felt kinda guilty taking it as I can find my own, but it would be BAD agate karma to turn it down. (kind of like NOT taking the elevator at work if it opens in front of you just as you were going to the stairs. If you don’t accept the gift from he elevator gods, they WILL remember!)

And, since he gave away the agate, he was assured of finding more!

So off I tottled looking for more. Soon though a younger couple came up to me and asked what I was looking for.

This was their first time at the beach, and they were looking for agates. The trouble was, they weren’t sure what they looked like.

Well I reached in the agate bag and brought out the one the old dude gave me. Their eyes lit up. She even let out a little “ooooooo”

Then I handed it to them with a smile. They protested a little until I explained agate karma. I could tell they were excited to get it!

The then showed me their haul, and I taught them the iPhone light trick. Truth me told. they had some nice ones. They just didn’t know it.

They were off and running looking for more!

I had a great 4.25 mile walk, and as the sun was going down at it was getting darker.

I saw them down the beach still looking. They waved as I went back toward my car. A good night at the beach!

Oh, and the karma didn’t let me down! Not a bad haul tonight!

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  1. I am dying laughing, you are a whale guide and now an agate guru!!!! I am enjoying your posts so much that I have stopped pointing out the misspellings and typos. (Pssst… it’s “rein in my inner nerd.” Reign is for kings, they reign and rule.

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