Autumn at the Oregon Coast

I first started to title this post “Fall at the Oregon Coast”. However, since I am a bike rider, where falls do occur, and my mom reads the blog (and worries) I decided to title it AUTUMN at the Oregon Coast.

OK, on to the post!

Most people visit here in the summer when the sun is warm, the water, although cold, is calm, and there is a good chance of no rain.

The roads around here start getting busy in May. Then from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the coast, especially on weekends, is hopping! We DO have traffic jams, and miles long back ups!

I can’t fault folks, it is VERY pretty down here during that time of year.  However, these last couple of weeks are reminding me why I am finding Fall I mean Autumn, to be my favorite time of year at the coast!

There are downsides to October. It stays dark until 8 AM, and by the end of the month, the sun sets so early I am barely able to sneak in a 20 mile ride after work. Plus, the fall rains start. We had a 6 day stretch where we got a total of 6 inches of rain! There was NOT a lot of outdoor stuff during that time…

However, the positives WELL out number the negatives!

For example, the sunsets come earlier, and they are truly more vivid this time of year. These are from the last 2 weeks.

Since I start work early in the morning, staying up in the summer for a 10 PM sunset is hard!  6-7 PM? That is easy!

And, its made taking pictures of nature more colorful as well

The Blue Heron doesn’t look blue here.

And the Bald Eagle’s tree is not green!

They so stand out though!

Speaking of nature shots

The whales are still making appearances

With fewer people. around bald eagles are making their presence known more often.

Gotta love egrets looking for dinner

Deer are coming into the back yard again (much to the chagrin of our bird friends.)

And check out this shot! (if you don’t like spiders I apologize!

This was completely by accident! I LOVE the colors!

BUT I can’t have you thinking its been ALL sunshine and sunsets!

We had a KILLER high surf advisory a couple weeks ago!

Michelle and I went to Depoe Bay to watch it and get some photos. It was one of those few times we decided we needed a long lunch away from the office!

I stole these next two from Michelles Camera!

And then finally this one!

It was a KICK!

Michelle was the smart one and went out when it was sunny. I went after work, and got DRENCHED!!  I had to leave the car windows open in the garage just to dry it out over night. I was cold, and wet and would NOT have missed it!

What’s also fun about the bigger waves is the cool stuff you find on the beach afterwards.

Check out this rock. Look closely in the blue bubble (caused by the waves that had calmed but were still roily.)

In the blue you will see a dark thing. That’s me!!  I am in the reflection in a bubble on a beach rock!

Ok maybe it takes a science nerd to find this cool, but I showed EVERYONE who would look!

Then this last weekend the beach turned to foam!

It even tried to eat Michelle!

And I SWEAR it breathes!

As we were walking along, a lady and her daughter must have pegged us for locals. They had not been here in the fall and had never seen this! She asked what it was.

As it turns out, I learned this a few weeks prior on another bike ride where I stopped at the whale center in Depoe Bay! The ocean is full of microscopic plant plankton. These are covered with a shell to help them float. When we get big waves. the plankton get pulverized by the millions! Much like froth in a blender, the foam is formed! Its all part of the life of a beach!

Folks, I have taken untold numbers of photos these last few weeks! If you want more check out Moutainstroh on Instagram. I share there after every walk and ride.

Anyone who has visited this page knows I love the Oregon Coast, and I am SO lucky to live here!  These last couple weeks though just reminded me as to WHY I do! (As if I needed the reminder)

If you get a chance, come to the Oregon Coast in the fall. Bring warm coats and rain gear, plus sunblock and shorts! There are fewer people, the hotels are cheaper. and honestly. you might see things you will NEVER see in the summer!

I will leave you with one last sunset!

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  1. The three things I love most about this post:
    1) The modified title (ha, the adjustments we make to our blogs knowing full well that our mothers are in the audience!),
    2) You, in the blue bubble, and
    3) The photo of your pretty girl, standing in the midst of the foam in her knee-high boots.


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