Birthday Miles and Then Some!

Every year I have a dilemma.

Some time or other in the last 11 years I have been cycling, I picked up the tradition of riding my birthday miles on my birthday.

Now if you are in your 20s or 30s, and were born during daylight savings time, this would be easy.

However, this year I turn 55 later this month (UGH! I can no longer dodge saying I am in my mid 50s!) And my birthday is on a weekday that I am working, AND weather in November on the coast can be rough!

This means I have modified the tradition. In my book I fulfill the task if I ride my birthday years on any day of November.  Today was that day!

Yesterday was an amazing day here at the coast!

It was nice enough that I also completed my other November chore, I put up the Christmas lights! I got a lot of guff from the neighbors for it, since it was so early in November. However, I have had MANY years of cold, rainy days doing this. I have learned never to waste a nice November weekend. The lights will not be turned on, though, until Thanksgiving night!

Afterwards I took a beach walk in shorts and a t-shirt. It was a great day for a walk! However, others, possibly from California or Texas, did NOT think it was that warm. (They were also sipping hot Starbuck’s drinks)

With yesterday being chore day, I knew I would be riding long miles today. I treated myself to some amazing Apple Pie from the Red Roof Bakery! YUM!!

Last night we set the clocks ahead. This meant that even though I was up before 7, it felt like I slept in! And since the sun came up earlier I was on the road by 730.

It was cold outside! Luckily I know how to layer up when I ride! At the start of the ride it was sunny, but there was a fog bank just off shore!

My plan was to head south over Cape Foul Weather, then into Newport and along the Yaquina River. When the Odometer had enough miles, I was going to turn around and retrace my route home.  I wanted to be sure to add a buffer. as the 55 mile point was the whole goal!

Heading up the the top of Foulweather it looked like I was riding into the fog.

Luckily it cleared before I got there.

I hadn’t planned to go up to the lighthouse at Yaquina Head. I always lallygag there and I wanted to crank out this ride.

However, when I got to the top of Cape Foulweather and looked south, I decided it was worth the stop.

Besides, there was no hurry. It was a nice day, the chores were done yesterday, and this was my birthday ride! So to the lighthouse I went! That fog bank is still there!

But the sun was out.

If you ever get to this lighthouse, it is the focal point and worth the trip by itself. But don’t forget to look around all over. As you can see there is more to see than just the lighthouse!

I left here and went back down to Hwy 101, and rolled south  to Yaquina Bay for the second lighthouse of the ride.

There is a lot more so see here, as well,  than just the lighthouse!

Fishing boast heading out to sea

And of course the Yaquina Bay Bridge! (this was taken from town, but its right there at the light house to see!)

From here I rode down into town, did the traditional stop at the sea lions,

And then kept going along the river until I got to the turn around point.

With, of course a couple of stops for photos of blue herons. (There were 7 of them!)

Now the ride was half over miles wise, but the hardest part was coming. I had almost 30 miles to get to the house. ALL of it into a headwind! Not to mention another climb over Foulweather.

I started back and made good time. As I climbed Foulweather, the sun came out and I got way too warm. So I went to lighter gloves and made the coat into a vest. I reached the top still sweating!

However, on the way down, the headwind got stronger, and I ended up riding into the fog! It got darn right cold!!

I pulled over at Depoe Bay and put ON more layers. I was getting ready to go when I say this putting around the harbor.

I’ve got no idea what it is. My mom says it looks like a toy boat, and I very much think it looks like something made out of legos! He was cruising all over the harbor, though.

From there on was 10 miles of the coldest and strongest headwinds of the day.  All you can do is point your nose forward and keep the legs moving, and I did!

About 5 miles from home, this happened!

Mission accomplished! But there were still more miles till I got home!

I fought the winds, climbed the last hill to our house (ALWAYS a tough one) and rolled into the open garage door. Michelle had tracked me on our find each other app, and knew I was close.  Better yet, she had made a big ole platter of chicken pot pie for me to have today and for lunch this week!!  I had a big ole slab to warm up!

In the end, my odometer said 60 miles total, but Strava, the bike mileage app said this:

Now in the old days, I totally woulda gone around the block for the last .16 miles and made it an even 60! Today, I was happy to save the stats as is, and go inside to eat and rest!!

It was an excellent ride, and one more year in the books of riding the birthday miles!  I wonder how long I will be able to keep this up?






7 thoughts on “Birthday Miles and Then Some!

  1. What a happy Happy Birthday ride! Since you rode 59 miles on your birthday ride this year, that means you only need to ride 55 miles for your 59th birthday. 🙂

  2. Wow, you are on-track for the holiday season, having put up lights ready to turn them on after Thanksgiving! Now how about working on an end-of-the-year summary post for this blog page, about highlights and events of 2019….maybe mention a teeny bit about the wedding as a life passage for you, and any other life milestones in 2019…..

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