A reason to stop

When I first started riding, it was all about the miles. I was new to the bike, a young strapping 44 and finally found a sport I was good at. I could climb any hill, cycle all day long, and seemed never to get tired. I was the wind.

Fast forward 11 years. NOT so strapping, sure as hell ain’t 44, but I can still climb anything you throw at me. I don’t go as far, but for good reason.

I am now the Oregon coast cyclist, I stop for amazing views, whales spouting and, as you can see here, to watch a bald eagle soar. I keep track of the miles, but now I ride for the experience, for the memories, for the life around me.

I am still good at what I do, and will keep doing it till the legs wear out. The bike is and always will be a time machine, making me feel younger and stronger than I truly am.

In my heart I truly hope that sometimes the eagle stops to watch me as I conquer a vicious headwind or make it over a steep climb. Maybe, just maybe, he smiles at me, as I do him when he soars.

The eagle and I are kindred spirits. Riding the winds, seeing the world and living the life. It is good to be free!

4 thoughts on “A reason to stop

  1. You got me at young and strapping at 44. I’m 45 and feel like everything is broken, from my knees to my back. Three marathons might have been a mistake. But the views I do love, even from my car window.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, Its been a Month!

      Well done on the 3 marathons! And I know your pain, I once did 4 century rides in a month, my body was NOT happy. But young you are sir!

  2. One of my favorite quotes reads:

    “Too often I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.”  ~~Louis L’Amour

    I like that you boast of what you see! ♥️

    P.S. The photo of that eagle is incredible! Definitely boast-worthy!

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