Fashionable it aint…

Looking at the calendar, one will see winter is here! The week before Christmas, between Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon, our back yard rain gage recored over 6 inches of rain! That was combined with some heavy winds for 18 hours straight!

But I am OK with that! I love stormy weather at the coast, its half the fun of living here. AND it made our Lincoln City Office Christmas party at Tidal Raves even that much better!

However, the one bummer is that the sun goes down WAY too early!

This time of year, the sun sets right around 430.

Don’t get me wrong. Winter sunsets a amazing. Tonight was no exception.

But when you get off work at 330 (if you are lucky) it just doesn’t leave much time for a beach walk. And I LOVE a good after work beach walk.  Come 5 though, it is getting hella dark…

Soon after this shot, it would be a great time to look at stars, but not so great to walk the beach. Plus finding agates and checking out tide pools would be impossible. Up until now, this woulda been time to start home. Safer yet, it would be time to be at the car taking this photo from the parking lot.

NOT anymore!

Santa, OK my Brother in law Gregg, was good to me this year!

Yes boys and girls this it the ULTIMATE headlamp!  It has a long lasting USB charged power back, lights that make agates jump out at you in the dark, and though some may think its not fashionable, I think differently!

Yep me and Will Smith!

So instead of heading home, I clicked on the light and kept enjoying the walk.

Winter time, here are the Oregon coast is an excellent time for agate hunting. The crashing waves pull out the sand revealing gravel beds. Being a new moon, the low tide today  was -4.8. Any negative tide is a low one, but -4.8 is one of the lowest. So in addition to being a great night for agate hunting (I brought back some nice ones) I went in search of tide pools!

Remember, this was the first test of the new toy. I wanted to know how long it would last, how bright it was, and if it would let me take pictures of cool stuff. These next shots were all lit up, in the dead of night, by the new headlamp!

Thanks to the new toy I got 4 miles in and was able to play for 90 minutes after sun set. At the end of my walk, the light was as bright as when I started.

I declare the experiment a rousing success!

This time of year I will have to keep an eye on the weather and tides. I will not be out after dark, at a high tide when sneaker waves are forecast. Nor during a high surf advisory.

But on a night like tonight, after a long day at work, if you are walking on the beach at Lincoln City, you may see this in the distance….

Makes it hard to see my big stupid smile as a walk along the sand, but trust me it is there!

6 thoughts on “Fashionable it aint…

  1. What an AWESOME gift! It’s perfect for you — so very thoughtful. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coastal police start getting calls of a very bright, unidentified, flying object hovering at ~ 6ft up and down the beaches. 🙂

  2. This is great! So glad to know you have a new toy. Will you be walking the beach in your kilt? Will you be posting any year-end kilt photos? Did you forget that you were going to show us the wedding kilt? Have I mentioned that I want to see the kilt?

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