The 2019 Recap

So, its been a bit busy since New Years.  Shoot, since before Christmas!

Since I had the last two Wednesdays off, for Christmas and New Year’s Day, it felt like I’ve had 4 Mondays and 4 Tuesdays during that time…  It’s been a bit of a madhouse.

However, it is Sunday afternoon, chores are done, Christmas has been put away for the year, and its time to look back a bit…

January 1, 2019 started the first full Calendar year at the beach for Michelle and I. We were then, and are now, still SO happy we moved to the beach!

the year started with some pretty decent weather and beach walks. We were pretty darn surprised with how much the waves of the fall and had transformed the beach. Normally you touch the top of the rocks to Michelle’s right, and you can step onto the the one to the right.

This was an excellent month for beach combing as well.

Michelle found, what is to date still, the biggest and coolest agate ever!


I, in turn, found the second float ever and the first of the year!

February and March had me back out on the bike with better weather and longer days.

In April, Michelle and I took a road trip to Northern California and Wine country.

There was great wine


Geysers (well kinda)

DANGER! (well not really)


And just plain a fun relaxing week

May is bike everywhere month, and on bike to work day, I rode around the block

But I also had my only 100 mile ride of the year, The Reach the Beach. Porland to Pacific City

June was a very exciting month, and a game changer for the cycling year.

The exciting part was the trip to Texas! (yep I know my waffle was backwards)

We saw the Alamo



I finally saw a real Texas Longhorn

And Michelle stood up with Abby and Travis as they got married on a VERY hot day in Texas!

We were very happy to be there!

Cycling wise, it the Tour de Blast. Cycling to the Johnston oberrvator and back, 85 miles of wetness, cold and hills!

This was the view of the mountain.

It was the ride that almost wasn’t. Ten miles before the exit on I-5, a strap on. the old bike rack failed!!  Luckily the other 3 held or my bike woulda tumbled down the highway…

I did NOT enjoy this ride. I was not ready for it. My bike had been in the shop for a month for a tune up (small town issues). Even though I had a loaner, it wasn’t my own. My legs were NOT ready.

I had also scheduled my second Crater Lake Century for August, AND paid for it. My rule has always been if pay for it, I ride it.

After this one, which was NOT as many miles nor near as much climbing, I decided I really didn’t feel the need to ride it. I sure as heck did NOT want to spend the hours and miles needed to train for it. In short, I made the call a week later to ditch it. I just didn’t wanna….  More on that in future post…

July was just fun.

We went to the festivities in Gleneden Beach on the 4th


I finally found the Boiler at Boiler Bay this month

I went inside Devil’s Punchbowl

And after searching a for a while, discovered Thor’s Well at Cape Perpetua


I also met a Charles who was walking from Mexico into Canada while pushing his Urban Assault Wheel Barrow

Throughout the year, I would of course stop when I spotted whales. August gave me my closest encounter.

And my first rainbow spout

September took us back up North for the second big wedding of the year. The Manchild and his bride tied the knot. on another OUTDOOR wedding where is was VERY hot!  We wouldn’t have missed it though.


In October, Michelle and I walked to the Fall Kite Festival. The kites were there, the people were out, but the wind did NOT appear. It was a bit of a yawner!

November weather was strange. It started out bright and war, and I got my 55 birthday miles in. Plus the snowman was put up. (poor guy blew over twice before I got him anchored well enough.)

There was also the foam that almost swallowed Michelle!

And the Spouting Horn a Spouting!

Plus the coolest photo of the year.

The month was NOT all good though

Michelle’s Gall Bladder got very angry with her! She Spent halloween and November 1 in the hospital. We busted her out on the 2nd.

Then 2 weeks later, she had surgery to remove it!

I am happy to report that not only was the surgery successful, the recovery was even more so! At the followup, the doc was very impressed with how well and quickly she healed! He took one look at her and said “Nope, don’t need to see you again!”

Thanksgiving, as always was yummy and low key and we loved it!

December hit and guess what, I found the second float of the year, (my third overall!)

We ended up semi adopting Kitten Kitten, a local stray

Christmas hit, and Michelle knocked me out with her present!

YEP!!  I got a fat tire bike!  Excellent for gravel.

And beach rides!!

And trust me, she made sure I didn’t skimp on the one I chose!

Best, of course, was New Years Eve, and the grateful Teapot while sipping wine and just being together.

Pooh Bear is grateful for laps, food and clean litter boxes!

So yes it was a GREAT year!

By the numbers

2 milestone weddings,

Too many whales and bald eagles to count!

38 books read.

2 floats found

1 visit from my Mom and Doug

3100.7 miles on the bike (I was 3 short the weekend before New Years, so the new bike went to the beach! )

And 365 excellent days with my gorgeous wife!

And of course who knows how many sunsets!

A great year at the beach, we are looking forward to the next one!


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  1. What a fun recap! It was a good year…but 2020 is gonna be EVEN better! How could it not be now that you have that awesome fat bike? (Jealous! I’m gonna ask for the thousandth time…Where do I find a Michelle for me? 😁) Looking forward to reading more about your bailing on the Crater Lake Century, when you get around to the write-up. Happy New Year!!!

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