Seriously a 2 mile climb with a headwind???

One of the accounts I follow on Instagram is for a French Fry Mooching seagull affectionately known as FathomsBarBuddy.

He hangs out on the ledge at Fathoms Bar, up on the 10th floor of the Inn at Spanish Head

He has some  pearls of wisdom that come from his feathered head and orange beak. (If you are an instagram user just search Fathomsbarbuddy, all one word.)

One of his tidbits is to “Never waste a winter day when the rains stop!”

Folks, let me tell you, as I type this, our rain gage says we have 15.36 inches of rain since January 1! Our average for January is only 10.4″  (thanks Alexa!) we are well above average and its windy and rainy this evening.

So when there was an unexpected break in the weather this morning, I saddled up!

We slept in a bit first. Michelle flew back from Hawaii on Friday night, and since her plane landed at 10 PM, we were tired! We spent the night in Portland, then came home yesterday, but we were still dragging a bit. We didn’t get out of bed till 8AM.

We hit the floor running though, and by 9 AM we were back from grocery shopping and ready for breakfast.

Breakfast was delayed a bit, though, as there was a bit of a foofaraw while we were shopping.

Yep, AGATES DOWN!  I am not sure I got them all, hopefully stepping on one at night is NOT like stepping on a lego! Neither of the cats owned up to being the culprit, but I am thinking it was Pooh Bear, the girl cat!

Anywho, after getting the rocks up and having a great smoothie for breakfast, it was time to go outside.

It was a bit of a dilemma though, What to do what to do….

There was a beach walk. Or even a fat bike ride on the beach

But when we drove back from Safeway, we buzzed the beach and saw the ways were pretty roily. I decided to saddle up the road bike and head south!

I made sure to be ready for the rain, as I had no idea how short-lived the dry spell would be.

This time of year, the winds shift and generally come in from the south, today was no exception. And it wasn’t just a breeze, it was a full on headwind! Of course my route starts with me going south….  So into the wind I went!

I had only gone 3 miles or so, doing pretty well against the head winds, when I had to make my first stop.

This Osprey was just hanging out asking for a photo. He was right above the SIletz wildlife refuge and pretty sure he had his eye on lunch, or maybe 2nd breakfast.

It was a bit misty and the light was wrong, so this was a best shot I could get. I thanked him for being such a patient model for me.

By the time I hit Boiler Bay, it was raining some, but once on the road, I keep going, even when the rain starts.

Even with the rain, I had to sit and just watch the waves! It was pounding!

Luckily, less than a mile south, the rains had stopped, I was able to hang out and see the Spouting Horn Spout away!


This was decsion time, did I turn back or keep going south. The winds were tough, but it wasn’t cold, and there is NO telling when my next outside ride will be, so I got back on and continues southbound. The plan was get to the top of Cape Foulweather, then turnaround and come home.

Before then, though, I pulled into Rocky Creek State Park. There in front of me was a company car for the Mighty P. And next to it one of the people I trained when she was a new higher!! (Yep they get company cars and use them for fun as well, they just have to log the personal miles)

Surprised us both! She was down for the weekend and heading home. She was wet and cold though (NOT a coast kid) so after chatting for a few minutes, she was back in the car heading north toward home, and I was southbound heading for the Cape.

Cape Foulweather is a 2 mile road, most of it climbing. In the summer when the legs have been riding all year, I am well aware I am doing a decent climb. Early in the season, when its the first real climb since November, its hard…

Today, though, added to the first real climb, I was going uphill into a serious downhill head wind. It sucked! I may have even said a curse word or two…

Totally worth it in the end!

No rain at all. The non coast kids up there were complaining it was cold, so I soon had the place to my self. I hung out for a bit and watched the waves, but it was soon time to head back.

SUCKASS!!  There were UPHILL headwinds!!!

But, once I hit the bottom, the winds were at my back!

Want an idea about the winds? Check out the southbound boat fighting the northbound wind. Sorry the video is a bit jerky, the wind was blowing my arm!

I hope he wasn’t late for a date, cuz he has about 10 miles at least to go before the next port at Newport.

Once off the mountain I was running WITH the wind. Now on a good day, on flat ground at a leisurely pace, I will travel about 13 mph. Perfectly ok with me. I looked down at one point, on a slight uphill and I was doing 20! SERIOUS tailwind assistance.

It was a fun and uneventful ride back, the tailwind helped me get there quickly and when I parked the bike in the garage, I had traveled  29.1 miles and saw some of the coolest cashing waves ever!

The week ahead calls for rain, and it still gets dark early, so any rides will be in the garage. But, the weathergods smiled on me today, and I did NOT let them down.

Felt SO good to blow the stink off me!

Like the wind!


While I was typing this, I got a few other things done and had dinner. So 2 hours have passed since I started. NO LIE, the rain gauge now says 16.10″.  We got 3/4 of an inch of rain while I was typing…. WOW….

5 thoughts on “Seriously a 2 mile climb with a headwind???

  1. Good on you for not being intimated by the rains and wind. That’s all to your favor, as the storms we get on the coast are incredibly beautiful.

  2. You know I love your typos! Today’s funny: “new higher” when you meant “new hire.” I wonder if this is Freudian, that you felt she was superior in some way? Anyhow, you were higher in your ability to cope with wind and rain! And you spelled osprey correctly, but the alternative spelling is SEAHAWK, as in “GO SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!!!”

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