And it all happened in a week!

Ever come to the end of a weekend and think, “Wow, lots happened in the the last 7 days or so!”

Moving to the coast DID slow down things over all for us, in a very good way. However, there are still some weeks, busier that the rest….

First off, the signs of spring are here!

Our first of many daffodils bloomed in the back yard. since this picture was taken, almost all the stems you see are blooming. We have some other spots with bulbs which don’t get as much sun, so they haven’t gotten to this stage yet. This means that we will color for quite a while!

Last Saturday was a bit of a milestone day for the Oregon Coast Valentes. A few weeks ago, I checked into the cost of the 120K mile service for our 2008 Volvo. Now I know dealerships are speedy, but they told me it was a two day deal and $1200 – $3000.  OH HELL NO!!  This started us looking at options.

Truly, with both of us working at home, and rarely traveling without the other, was there a need for both cars?

Funny story, the first month or so we were here, I forgot to drive the silver car.  When it suddenly dawned on my that I hadn’t driven it, I went out to find the battery was dead as a doornail!  From then on I made sure to drive it every morning for the Starbucks run.

Truly though, if you have to make sure to drive it to keep it charged, do we really need it? The answer was no.

We saddled up both cars on Saturday, last weekend, and headed off to Carmax in Salem. We were in a unique situation. We did NOT need the car, nor were we in dire need of the money. Michelle knew what she wanted for it, it was up to them to meet it or not. It was ok if we came home with both cars.

An hour or so after getting there, we handed over the keys and left with a check for $500 more than we were willing to accept! Life is good and WOW our garage now looks HUGE!

Another sign of spring coming? It is staying daylight enough for after work bike rides!

These aren’t long rides, turthfully 20 – 25 miles are as far as I can go and still get home before dark, but I LOVE riding after work. There is no better way, except maybe a beach walk) to get rid of stress after a hard day.

Check out this guy I spotted on a ride. Yep bald eagle hanging out at the beach!

Spotted these two earlier in the same ride!

Also, riding after work gets me to perfect spots for sunset!


I have to switch from the sunglasses to the clear one’s to see after the sun sets, and I have to put on a layer cuz it gets COLD without it in the sky. Luckily I am less than a mile, though uphill, from my favorite sunset spots! I am still chilled by the time I get there.

Remember the beach walks I mentioned? Well the night before the car sale was a new moon and a WAY low tide. It was a GREAT night for starfish!

And, at the last minute, I grabbed the GoPro for some tide pool video

Here are some screen shot highlights

I don’t get a lot of chances to use the GoPro, therefore I don’t always have it when I wish I did. This time I did!

Also found a rock that looked like something out of angry birds.

And a newly discovered rock formation that SO looks like a dinosaur!

I love my beach!

Finally there was yesterday, leap day, Feb 29, 2020. Our weather was NUTS!

We went into Safeway at about 8 AM, and the parking lot was wet from rain, but black in color. When we came out…

Hella hail storm hit!!

It missed our house the first time, but a couple hours later…

That normally does NOT happen here, but then again, February 29th doesn’t normally happen either!

Mixed into this whole busy week was a trip to Hillsboro Wednesday for Michelle’s next to last major dental surgery! She is one brave chick, but she said so far this one was the worst! One more to go in 6 weeks, and I will tell the whole story in a post!

Won’t lie, I am SO excited for next weekend! Daylight savings time comes back. This means LONG rides after work! Soon sunset will happen after my bed time, but I am ok with that! Looking forward to some serious miles!

If was a busy, eventful and GOOD week!

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  1. Wowsers, what a week! What impresses me most about the week is that you downsized to one car!! That’s super-duper awesome!! Totally makes sense, in so many ways. Congratulations!

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