Social distancing Oregon Coast Cyclist style

Ok people, there aint no one who can say stuff is getting real. REI closed, baseball delayed, bars and resturaunts told to shut down, no wine tastings allowed, and lord knows finding a damn roll of toilet paper is like looking for the holy grail

This post is not to make light of what people are going through, pure and simple, it’s scary! Plus, most of the people Michelle and I have come to care for down here are in the service industry. It is going to be damn hard on them!

We are all going through stressful times though. We are being told to practice social distancing. Making sure there is a 6 foot buffer around us. Some people are taking this to mean “Stay home and hide!”

My gorgeous wife and I  think differently….

Don’t get me wrong, Michelle and I LOVE hanging out in the house! We’ve been training for social distancing since we were married almost 10 years ago! I would win a gold medal in hunkering down!

But we also know its important to enjoy life. and this weekend we did just that!

Friday after work, I was ready to stretch the legs. It looked like rain was coming but I am a coast kid, a little wet is no big deal.  I decided if I was gonna get wet and dirty anyway it was time to bust out the new gravel bike. I took off and forgot both the water bottle and a snack, but got to a place where there was no one around for miles!

Readers, I have no proof or evidence of this, but I firmly believe breathing the fresh outdoor, oxygen rich air of the forest can cure anything! I came home soaking wet, frozen to the bone and smiling from ear to ear! I was as distant socially as possible, and FAR from cooped up! Loved it!

The rain ended Friday night and sun came out Saturday morning.

Michelle and I braved the hordes at Safeway Saturday morning (we even scored a small package of TP)

Then we decided it was time to go to the beach! Notice how few people were there.

This is what I am trying to tell people. You can go outside. You can enjoy life. There is no reason to hide at home huddled in the corner.

Hell, we agate hunters have understood this for years! Look how much room we give each other!

I am happy to report families are still enjoying the ocean as well! This little dude was learning to chase and run away from the waves! (rest assured dad was VERY close! He was pefectly safe.)

Not all, but at least one  of the starfish awas avoiding others as well!

Sunday was even nicer so Michelle and took a longer walk!

Sunday afternoon came, and workweek loomed. Chores were done, and Michelle said, “Go ride!”

I saddle up the road bike and headed off to the Lighthouse and back.

I loved this ride! At Boiler Bay, the 9 mile point a bald eagle was soaring high.  Some people who were there visiting the coast were SO excited! They had never seen one before and hoped to while here.

At Depoe, the 10 mile mark, with the binoculars, I spotted the first whale of the season! Gray whales don’t give a damn about a virus! I just sat and watched for a while. Again, all alone, plenty of space, but outside loving life.

The same when I took a break atop Cape Foulweahter, just me, and the view.

On the way back from the lighthouse, I had to make a couple of stops.

First at Depoe Bay.

Then at Siletz Bay, just below my house.

The crazier the world gets, the more I think we need to appreciate what isn’t crazy! I am making a point on my facebook and Instagram pages to share with those I care about what the ocean shares with me! Like this oyster catcher at Depoe Bay

or the Sanderlings in Lincoln City

or hell, even a stupid smiling rock! (YES rocks can smile!)

Anything for even a second that can take people’s minds off of the scary, is worth it.

So in short remember WWTD (What Would Tony Do). Get outside any chance you get, even around the block. Take photos of pretty, funny or even pretty funny so make us all smile.

Stay healthy, wash hands and stay away from people.

But when the restaurants, coffee shops and cafes reopen again go, go often and tip well!

Enjoy life all you can, stay safe and know we will make it. And if you need a smile, check out my facebook and instagram pages. I am gonna get out there all I can, and share a helluva lot! It aint much, but its best I can do. Feel

Like the wind y’all!

2 thoughts on “Social distancing Oregon Coast Cyclist style

  1. Yeah, this social distancing thing just seems like normal for all of us hermits. 🙂

    I LOVE that smiling rock, btw. Yet another excellent find!

    1. My teacher friends are all saying “This smile is brought to you by the letter e!”

      How can you not take a picture of a smiling rock :). Will be riding after work again tonight

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