Shelter in Place, Week one!

Good morning all. I very much hope things are going as well as they can for anyone reading this.

Update from the coast. Michelle and I are still employed. We, and ours are still healthy and, things are going well.

I think she is healthy because she is smart and careful, and makes sure to keep us out of danger.  For me it more like this

Like many of y’all, the Governor of our state has issued a shelter in place order

Looking back, a much younger Moutainstroh had clearly mastered this type of existence.

I can hunker with the best of them!

In all seriousness though, for Michelle and I it hasn’t been much of a difference. We have always been homebodies.

We have been working from home for 2 years (Monday last was our second Beachiversary!) So we aren’t having the work struggles others are.

We will go out for dinner or a glass of wine after work sometimes. But aside from a trip to our bakery or Starbucks, it’s not unusual for us not to leave the house at all.

With a back yard like this, can you blame us.

Plus I posted this today on Facebook, love our house!

“Nature update from the house. Just had a bald eagle soaring over the neighborhood, earlier when out talking to the neighbors a low flying blue heron flew by

Meanwhile the back yard has had Robins, Towhees, Chickadees, nuthatches and Hoover the chipmunk”

We are also keeping ourselves busy. For the first time in the almost 10 years we have been married, we completed our first jig saw puzzle.

We are in the middle our second one now.

We were also able to score at Safeway what has become a very scare item in the land….

Lincoln City wise, times are a getting tough. We are a tourist town, and with hunker down orders, the Hotels have been closed Hence the shuttered windows on the first floor of the Inn at Spanish Head.

Aside from the grocery stores, take out foods and gas stations most things are not open. Even Starbucks closed.

Michelle and I are doing our darnedest to help out the local economy,  though.

Our Red Roof Bakery reopened for Take out only, we made the run for breakfast! Bacon Cheddar Breakfast muffin!

Lincoln City Gifts (you know the little beach souvenir type of store) has gone to online and free shipping. I bounced out and ordered another puzzle.

Left Coast Coffee in Depoe Bay had to shut down, but they figure if they can sell 500 lbs of coffee on line they will be ok for a while. Some DAMN good coffee and I ordered a couple of pounds.

Bobs Beach Books is showing their shelves on Facebook and doing curb service when you tell them what you want. We coast kids are resilient!

OH, and I have started my first rock tumbling experiment!


This batch of Agates are already smoothed and polished, so I am putting them in polish mode. There is another batch that needs grinding to make them smooth, so they are getting the full monty.

So I got them sorted and they are a spinning!

Had a slight mishap last night. The drive belt broke, but with a headlamp and Swiss army knife I got her going again!

Oh, and a little back yard excitement last night! Kitten Kitten, our resident stray decided to be a climber! She went up our cool old stump.

I have also started hiking Zion National park on Michelle’s Treadmill. Makes walking in the garage much more tolerable.

Luckily though, we in Oregon have a loophole in our shelter in place order.

We are allowed outdoor exercise as long as we maintain distance from each other.

Easily done on my beach.

I have had a 4.5 and 5 mile walk this last week. With the lack of people the agate hunting has been amazing

The weather on the other hand…

Has been a bit challenging! On this walk I was both rained AND hailed on!  Its the first time I can remember my hands being so cold I had to struggle to turn the key to start the engine in the car. I let the hands defrost before I drove away.

Beach nature has been fun too! The sanderlings love empty beaches

The Black Oyster Catchers are coming in closer

And this Opsrey was NOT happy a bald eagle was over head.


AND, prepare for cuteness overload!

This time of year, mommas leave baby seals on the beach while mom hunts. This little one was hanging out.

No worries, momma will come back. AND quarantine or not, our rapid baby seal response team was out to protect the pup till mom did come back! (those two sitting down were in for the long haul)

Outdoor solo activity also means the bike rides are allowed! Not sure Ebikes are really exercise, but I won’t begrudge this guy his beach time

I have been out riding as well. With things being strange like they are, and my road bike in need of brake pads

(damn, just realized I hadn’t gotten my pads I thought I ordered last week! Stay tuned for a blog post “Tony Attempts bike Maintenance” in the near future. The pads will be here Wednesday)

Anywho, with the strangeness in the world and road bike needing work, I have been sticking to Roscoe the gravel bike. I like the ability to get off the main road if needed, and with beach accesses closed, I am able to get to places others can’t.


Doing this I spotted 14 whales on Tuesday! And got the first Whale photos of 2020. There is the spout!

I have also made a point to just slow down when I get somewhere, take in what I see, then post it on line for those who are stuck worse than I am.



and Splashes

Plus the occasion artsy shot from a recent beach walk.

Now just in case y’all are wondering if I am truly being careful, let me tell you the story about this shot.

As I came home from my last ride last week, I was in time for an EXCELLENT sunset at my favorite sunset spot. (earlier bike ride for the location shot here)

As I rounded the last corner to get there though (its right on the way home) I saw there were at least 10 cars there, and even more people. Can’t blame em, it was going to be pretty. But my momma didn’t raise a fool, there will be other sunsets. I stayed on my side of the road and went right on by! I went up hill farther in my neighborhood to get that cloud shot, with NO ONE around me!

So ends week one. Now I am going to treadmill a bit, work the puzzle, and put together some shelves for the garage.

We are well stocked, since Dusted Valley Delivers

And coffee will delivered this week.

Add that to the homemade humus and pita bread Michelle made yesterday and we are sitting pretty.

Stay safe y’all. Life will get closer to normal someday. I want us all to be there when it does.

I am doing my best to put lots of photos on Mountainstroh Instagram, and those of you getting here from Facebook know the pictures are there as well.  Can’t make the scary go away, but I can show stuff that is not bad news or scary.

Like the wind!


4 thoughts on “Shelter in Place, Week one!

  1. What a fun read! So many interesting things (that rock tumbler, for one!) going on in your world. I hardly see any evidence of upside-down-coronavirus-world…which is quite refreshing. As always, thanks for sharing a snippet of your life!

  2. Thanks so much for the cheerful post! I am sorry your Starbuck’s apparently doesn’t have a drive-through? Those are still open here, with long lines of cars. I live in Shoreline and am having a hard time with groceries. I don’t understand why there are some kinds of shortages, why are there no eggs one week, the next time I went, there was no milk; what’s going on? Maybe deliveries cannot keep up. Groceries have shortened their hours of operation. They close at night for stocking the shelves plus they are hiring delivery drivers. I recommend this to anyone I hear of who has lost their restaurant job or similar, including cashiering.

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