2nd Week of Shelter in Place

Here we are at the end of the second week of the Oregon shelter in place rules.

Short update, Michelle and I are still doing well, and we are still working. We took today off from work as we both decided we needed a break, but otherwise, albeit slower, work continues.

A shout out to the Mighty P. They are giving every employee a small bonus next week to help out in these times. I did NOT see that coming and it one helluva nice thing to do. Like everyone, I have complained about work and corporate decisions over the years, but this reminds me why I work there! Well done!

It has been an eventful week…

Like many of us, with the need to avoid the world, there is a chance to get some stuff done around the house.

We have a pretty well organized garage, but we needed some shelving to get it even more so. Amazon to the rescue!

Not too long after we had this!

Not to shabby huh?

The jig saw puzzling has continued. We finished this one just yesterday.

It was the perfect choice for a bird nerd and his lovely wife.  Its always fun on a puzzle when you get to the tipping point and you just find piece after piece till it is done! Took just over a week.

We returned it to the person we borrowed it from and started this one today.

That AINT gonna be easy!  I do have the border done though.

Remember last week when we scored toilet paper? Well this week I went in to refill a couple of prescriptions for Michelle and as I was about the leave, the lady at the counter handed me this,

Its a pocket sized spray hand sanitizer!  Well done Walgreens!!

As we are all discovering in these times, almost anything can be delivered! Last week it was wine, this week the elixir of life, that other necessity, Coffee!!

This is a local roaster I talked about last week that is hoping to sell enough, and deliver it, to get through.  My two pounds showed up and word has it they are doing well with sales.

REI also delivered my dividend purchase.

In the future, when things are normal again, we will travel to the big city to shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes.  This cooler with keep things cold for days! We will use it to bring home yummy goodness from the cold sections.

The rock tumbling has been a bit of a challenge. I keep breaking drive belts!!  Good thing it came with spares. I think I have it figured out, but we will see.  Tomorrow I get to open one of the drums with the polished rocks, then Sunday the rougher rocks.  We will see what happens.

Nature in the neighborhood has been busy!

First a bit of creepy! Anyone ever read the book by Stephen King “The Stand?” (Its a book about a super flu) In it, the evil dude, Randall Flagg, turns into a crow and watches people…. This guy landed in our back yard during a global pandemic!


He looks angry!!!

However, 24 hours later, for the first time ever, we had woodpecker in the back yard (female hairy woodpecker)

We had put up the suet feeder, and I was hoping we’d get one. Yep I bird nerded something fierce.

While I took a break from the post to help with dinner (can you saw scratch made pizza dough??  OMG that pizza was good)

Sorry I digressed.

While ai took a break, look who showed up.



Its a male! We might have a nesting pair. (Males have read heads)

Just as exciting, on Wednesday we found out our neighborhood osprey had returned to their nest at the high school. We love watching the little ones grow up

I did get outside as well! There were a few beach walks.  After having a bit a gale, there were egg pods from market squids that had washed up.

Once hey hit the beach, they become seagull food. I had to google it to figure out what it was.

The sunsets were worth the trip.

Not to mention some seals showing off.

I did get some bike rides in. Roscoe the gravel bike and I made some miles

I was back in the woods on a trail and discovered a hidden overlook. I had no idea it was there! Next time I might need to bring a machete to clear the path, as it was overgrown. I left the bike and walked to the ocean. Suddenly there was the boiler that gave Boiler Bay its name!

As you can see, just as I got there it was POURING down rain!!!

I walked back to the bike to hunker down a bit. Suddenly I realized my sunglasses were gone!!!!!  SUCK!!

Somehow, when I was walking back to the bike, a bush grabbed them from hanging on my pocket. They were gone!!

I walked, back and forth, in the pouring rain 3 times. I was pissed!! I was on the last walk back and suddenly there they were!! WHEW!!!  I love those sunglasses and it had my mirror attached

About the time I found them the rain stopped so I had to go back to the overlook These are much better shots.

But I also discovered a new sea cave!!  If you ever saw Goonies, you will know who One-Eyed Wiilie is. I have to wonder if it is a treasure cave!  I would love to figure out how to explore it at a VERY low tide!

I love that I have been here for 2 years, and still finding new places in my normal haunts!

I was enjoying the ride, heading south, but then saw this off shore

Yep more rain!!

I turned north and tried to out run it, but alas, back at Boiler Bay, the rain caught me. Wet again!!

But then, after I got through the squall. this peaceful nature setting stopped me dead in my tracks.

With all the craziness abounding, you just have to stop and enjoy what nature provides. This egret has no concerns except dinner. I thanked her out loud for being there for me. Looking at it now brings a feeling of peace.

It really was a nice outdoor week!

However, we will end this post here at home.

Today, you already saw Michelle’s accomplishment, that home made pizza was amazing (worth a second mention)

My accomplishment was bike maintenance.


I am NOT known for my mechanical skills. On the road, if something goes wrong, as long as I have a Swiss army knife, duct tape and a bungie cord, I can get home! But maintenance I lack the patience and skills for. However, one of the reasons for riding the gravel bike is that my brakes are shot on the road bike! And the bike shops are closed. If I want to ride it anytime soon, I gotta take care of it myself.

So, with a session of YouTube to help me remember my disk brake class from 4 years ago, I changed my brakes!!!

The road bike is ready to go!!! I will ride this weekend!

Finally, with the barbers closed, my eyebrows MAY have gotten out of hand!

This afternoon Michelle grabbed me by the ear and marched me back to the bathroom for some manscaping! What do you think?

Much more clean cut!

So yep, we are doing well!

Hope y’all are safe and hunkering down! Look at it this way, each day we are one day closer to getting through this! I also hope this post made you smile at lease once!

Like the wind!


6 thoughts on “2nd Week of Shelter in Place

  1. Dang, kid, you had a jam-packed week! My week in quarantine is most accurately summarized by the following: eat, sleep, shower, read book, go for walk. So grateful to be able to live vicariously through you. 🙂

  2. Wow, you scored on Walgreen’s pocket sanitzer. My Walgreen’s doesn’t do that. You look like you are adapting to shelter in place really well.

  3. Oh joy, I was able to buy one package of toilet paper today at a Safeway store in Seattle! Limit of one package per customer. Other shortages have not eased up, such as cleaning products, hand sanitizer and liquid hand soap though the store did have plenty of bars of soap.

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