Week Three shelter in place and some serious miles!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you were able to have some fun!

First the important stuff. Michelle and I are both healthy, and still employed. It’s something we are very thankful for. We know not everyone can say this!

So, the third week of shelter in place is in the bag. Luckily for us, sheltering in place in Oregon means you can get outside to exercise. Looking over the last week, damned if I did NOT do just that!

Last Sunday after some chores around the house, I saddle up for the a 44 mile bike ride. The plan was to go from home to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and back.  It was sunny and a great day to ride. I KNEW the gates would be closed. But in the past I have been told bikes and pedestrians could go in even if they were closed. They are meant for cars.

As I got there, though, ranger Sarah opening the window of the welcome office you have to pass. I could tell by her face I was NOT going to be going in today! I just smiled and said I was making the gate my turn around point and turn I did. It was time to head home.

But I will tell you, this week has been hard when it comes to coming home. There has been a vicious headwind coming out of the north. There have been a few times I had to pedal going downhill while northbound, There was NO coasting.

Now for a bike, headwinds are tough. But on this same ride I spotted something I had never seen off our coast

I am told its a tri-maran. All I know is that it looks like one helluvan expensive sailboat.  I caught up the them just as they turned to go back south with the wind.

That wind you are hearing is the wind of which I was speaking! I was fighting that the whole way home! I made it, but damn I was tired.

Monday came and it was a beach walk night. I knew the tide was going out, but I had NO idea it was big minus tide. There was a section of beach which just appeared.

I have gotten close to these rocks before, but never has there been sand around them. I was able together beyond the rocks!!

I was excited to get out there, I had hopes, but until I was there, I wasn’t sure if I’d be right. There they were though! A Starfish Bonanza!

I even had some GoPro fun!

It was SO much fun I took Michelle yesterday!

I was happy the low tides held on for her to get out as well. She is not a big fan of cold, very windy, beachwalks! Yesterday morning was warm and calm, perfect!

So let’s stay with these for a bit, the beach walks.

My starfish walk was 6 miles. The one with Michelle, 4 (we entered the beach at different spot.

Thursday I did 7 miles on Gleneden beach in an even worse wind! A smart man woulda stopped….  I aint that smart. I did find some amazing agates

Then Friday I was just going for an easy mosey. but still ended up with 5 miles. But it was SO worth it. I stopped and watched this kite surfer for quite a while! What a way to social distance!

I also found this cool piece of driftwood where people were building cairns of rocks.  I love my beach!

AND for you Game of Thrones fans I have to mention that Ghost, Jon Snow’s direwolf, was spotted on the beach! I hope this does NOT mean Winter is Coming already!

Now I had one more ride, in, I busted out Roscoe the gravel bike.

I am getting better! I made it through this mud bog without getting stuck!

It was nip and tuck though!

I went south to Whale Cove and turned around, This time, the headwinds were so strong they almost stopped me dead in Depoe Bay. I had to gear down almost to my lowest gear just to keep forward motion. Now I know I’ve said, “If you don’t ride on windy days, you will never be able to ride on the Oregon Coast.” This week has been crazy!

I stopped at the Taft Dock to enjoy the early part of sunset before going home.

26 HARD miles, giving 70 overall. No wonder the legs are tired!!

It wasn’t ALL working out! We finished the beach glass puzzle.

And started a new one, sorry I don’t have a photo of it yet! I will have one next week.

I also McGyvered a date night!

Like most places, here everything is close. Including our favorite place to sip a glass of wine and watch the wave, The Inn at Spanish head.

This is the view from Fathoms Bar on the 10th floor.

Well on the Fatbike ride I had a GREAT idea!  We have some Yeti Travel cups with lids.  I filled one for both of of and got them safely stashed in a cup holder. Then I drove us to a place that is not closed off (as confirmed by my bike rides! ) And we parked and sipped wine, and hung out, talked while watching the waves!

We even had a whale make an appearance! (that cost me dearly to bribe him to show up! Anyone know where I can get a ton of krill (really a ton!) cheap and quick??)

We were very responsible. After the one glass we came home. A night out, no people and spending time together! An excellent date night!

So all in all a great week. Hope life is good with all of you as well!

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  1. Holy starfish, what a week! I love the photo of the cross-sections of kiwi (😉) you found at low tide, and I love your tire mark slicing through that muddy gunk.

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