How I survive shelter in place by the letters!

Hi yall! Here we are week 4 of shelter in place.  First and most importantly, Michelle and I are happy and healthy. We are also still working full time. Hope this finds you all healthy as well!

One of the things I first learned about being a blogger is that it is not always easy to come up with ideas for a post. I learned early on we bloggers steal from others, and we are stolen from. I look at it as helping each other!

I tell you this because I stole this idea. I had Beth from Fit Ambitious Blonde read and comment on a post of mine. When that happens I always go out to their page to do the same.

She did a post listing how she is coping with the Covid shelter in place A – Z with something on every letter. I liked it!

Its a way to think of the positives during stressful times, so I decided to do the same!

Here is Tony’s Pandemic Survival List!

Now for the record some of these will overlap each other, but hey, my blog my rules!

A Agate Hunting!

With hotels closed and people sheltering at home, there are fewer people on the beach! I have found more, and bigger agates  in March and April than ever before.  I am a drive by agate hunter.  Meaning I walk the beach and look for them over a series of miles. My walks are 5 – 7 miles long, so I get exercise AND agates!

B Beachwalks (see this is the overlap I was speaking of, I beach walk to gets the agateses!)

We have 7 miles of Beach here in town and people are being very good about distancing. I love walking after work and then weekend mornings. Fresh air and sand help keep me healthy!

C Cycling 

Y’all knew that would be here!  No need for details, except that both the road bike and Roscoe the gravel bike go a long way to keep me happy! I ride along and stay away from anyone else, yet enjoy life!

C Coffee (No one said there was only one per! )

The elixir of life!  Helps get the blood moving in the morning!

D Deck 

We LOVE our back yard! The deck is an extension of the house. When we have been in the office for too long, walking out here for 5 minutes clears the mind. We have birds, deer


and this last week a fat raccoon (sorry this was the best shot I could get, it was dark  I could get!

This week Michelle improved the deck!

Yep a propane fire pit!  Some assembly required!!  They estimate 30 minutes to put together, but that doesn’t count having to take it apart twice and start over cuz you didn’t read the directions correctly….. But it works now!

E Exercise

Be it beach walks, bike rides or on rainy days treadmill tours of Iceland

Staying active makes me happy AND I think helps keep Covid away, Healthier you are the better you can fight it off!

F Food

So, one of the benefits of sheltering in place is that Michelle is experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes!  I get to test them!

Homemade Pizza dough

Homemade Humus! (No photos, but SO damn good!)

Last week gougeres!  We had a snack night and I thought we split them evenly. The gruyere cheese she used made these amazing!  Turns out she had 3 and I about 75…..  (well maybe not QUITE that many)

Today while I was in the garage fighting with a flat tire on the gravel bike, she made not one, but TWO pasta dishes for lunches this week!!! Now you know why I needs the miles!!

G Gainfully Employed

Michelle and I KNOW how lucky we are! PEMCO has the whole company still working. We have fewer accidents and less people calling in right now, but no layoffs. With the state of the world right now, we are truly blessed and thankful! Its a HUGE weight off our minds.

H Home

We love our home and the location. Life would be so much more stressful if we didn’t live in a small town. Even before shelter in place we enjoyed just hanging out at home and still do!

 I Interwebs

Facebook and instagram keeps us in touch with those we care about, the interwebs allows us to order on line what we need, and lets us work!  Imagine if this pandemic woulda happened in 1990 instead of 2020…  Nuff said.

J Jigsaw Puzzles

We have become addicted! There is always a puzzle going on the table and now we have some in reserve. This last one of Paris Michelle CRUSHED! Every time I’d come home from a bike ride another whole section was done!

This next one in line, though with half the pieces, is already proving to be more difficult!

K Kisses

She is totally going to give a stern look for this , but Michelle is an excellent kisser! Being ‘stuck’ at home means more time for kisses!  HR doesn’t know we do this in the office, don’t tell them!

K Kittens

Ok they are fully grown cats, but they make a point of providing lap times to us both in this global pandemic! I sure it is altruistic of them, they get no pleasure from it!

L Love M Michelle

My blog and my rules so I am combining these two! There nothing that helps me at this time more than my wife! She makes me laugh and smile, feeds me, defeats the evil eyebrows

And genuinely makes me happy and feel loved! I tell her every day how lucky I am and that there is NO ONE I’d rather be stuck with doing a pandemic.  And did Mention her cooking skills???  Oh yeah I did!

N Nature

Look at any of my posts from here.  Being able to stop and see a whale, a bald eagle or blue heron on a ride or having a woodpecker visit the back yard makes me happy.

And with fewer people about, more nature, I believe is happening!

I may have ever heard a Sasquatch bellow this week .

O Ocean 

No explanation needed….


P Photograhy

I am not a photographer, just a guy who carries a point and shoot camera everywhere. I like taking them, sharing them and being surprised when they turn out well. And With people not being able to travel, I like to think my pictures bring some goodness when so much they hear is not so great.

Q Quality People 

We avoid those who are negative whether in person or on line. We have neighbors we like a lot, and we still talk to each other pretty regularly. Same with at work, I knows those who are uplifting and make me laugh and  I avoid the whiners and complainers .  It makes a difference!

R Red Roof Bakery

Michelle is a great cook, but we love Sherry and Wilda at the Red Roof. They are doing their darndest to stay open so we go pretty regularly! Again ADDING to the need for more miles! But damn, how can you turn down this breakfast muffin?  Sometimes it even has bacon!

R Reading 

When at home I reads, always have, with the kindle app I am working on 4 books right now.   Funny thing, with the puzzles and rides and beach walks, I am reading less!

Rock tumbling 

Still working out the art of the rock tumbler! Its fun, and I have a lot to learn and lets me use the agates I have found!!

S sunshine

We are SO lucky this didn’t start in January when we had over 20 inches of rain! Blue skies and sunshine make outside a pleasure!


T Trailmix Cookie

Think of the best trail mix or gorp you have ever had and make it into a cookie, made by the Red Roof!  It is the perfect bike snack!!! I make sure to get a couple each week.


We all owe these folks a huge thank you!  They have kept us supplied throughout the last month and keep doing so! The last shipment for us was that fire pit above. It was 75 lbs.  We are lucky to have them still working!  Think how hard things would be without them, grocery workers, and all those on the front lines! Thank you all!

V Vistas 

V took me a bit to come up with! But even with many places here in on the coast closed and off limits, my bikes and I can find places to take in the beauty of the ocean from up high. It makes climbing hill worth it!


W Wine

The other elixir of life!  Luckily our favorite wineries deliver! Nothing better than sharing a glass of goodness with a person you love!


W Waves

Truly I have spent more time watching the waves crash in the last month than I have since we have been here. It may truly be the best part of the beach walk.  I am just now noticing how many colors a wave can have. It took a pandemic to show me, but I will see it from now on!

X the X factor!

OK maybe there is no such thing, but to me there is! Michelle and I are staying positive, exercising, getting outside and still living life. I this this positive attitude and overall healthiness will keep us ok (with of course social distancing!) it’s the X factor I am counting on!

Y Youth and Vigor!

Might sound silly, but we are young at heart! We see the humor in life, we laugh, play and do anything we want to activity wise because we can! To many people our age are old and stodgy, they are missing out on life.

Z ZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

Yep sleep!  We are sleeping in longer and snugging in bed since I don’t make Starbucks runs. Since we shop Friday mornings now, we sleep in longer on weekend days.  I used to think sleep was overrated, now I know how good it is!  Plus being well rested makes one healthier and able to fight off a bug!

So there you have it. A – Z how I cope with things during the pandemic.

I should have added LUCKY under L. I am lucky Michelle both likes AND loves me. She hasn’t gotten tired of being cooped up with me, and I try to make her as happy as she does me!

Stay safe y’all! Like the wind!


6 thoughts on “How I survive shelter in place by the letters!

  1. Love this! What a great idea for a blog post! I’m just puzzled that your kitties don’t destroy your puzzles. Seems as though many cats find great pleasure in flinging pieces off the table.

    1. Honestly I am as well. The girl cat gets on the table sometimes when we work on it, but they haven’t batted them around yet!

      True (TMI) story. I was working on a 3000 piece puzzle in my room in huh school. Had a plywood board on the floor and the pieces in the top and bottom of the box as worked on it.

      One of the cats we had decided it was an excellent little box…..

      1. Interesting story as written. But an even MORE interesting story if the last two words are meant to read “litter box.” 😊

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