I think I missed a week!

Sorry y’all,

Last weekend I got a bit busy with stuff in general. You know how it is, Jig saw puzzles, walks, and bike maintenance. Somehow I flat missed the weekly update!

First off, the most important piece. Michelle and I are happy and healthy and still working! We are bummed we aren’t in Italy as planned, but otherwise life is good here on the coast!

I saw this recently on Facebook, and it fits me pretty well in these interesting times we are  a living in.

Truth be told, aside from not being able to go to our favorite places for dinner after work, and the trip into Safeway done at an almost dead run, things aren’t much different for me.

its a good thing we are surviving well! We just found out this week that our town is closed until June 1. No hotels open, and asking nonresidents to stay away. Personally I think they are trying to avoid the crush of people who would be here on Memorial Day weekend if they opened sooner.  People aint happy about it, and it is tough on the town, but I gotta say, I think its the right plan…

So what has the last couple of weeks consisted of…

First of, as always, we have the jig saw puzzles going. It’s become a staple on our dining room table. Luckily, we eat at the bar counter or in the living room most days. This means the table is finally being used.

We finally finished this one, in the end it was tough! Way too much blue!

We moved on to one I got from the National Park Service. Once again, Michelle was on fire with this one!! Love the little suitcase it came in.

Fun fact, this puzzle is now in Florida! Our friend Julie is a big National Parks fan and saw this on Instagram when we were done. We did a cross country puzzle swap! She is going to surprise us with the one she is sending.

The one being done now is this one, which for a change, am doing well on! We’ve been making sure to reach out to the local book store for new puzzles as we finish them, especially since we have another month at least of shelter in place!

The bikes were a bit of a challenge last weekend. The road bike, after two years, finally needed a new rear tire. The red line means she be getting old!


In the past, I would pay the bike shop to put on new tires, it is NOT easy to do. But, with the shelter in place, we do things we don’t normally do! It took some sweating, and cussing, and a bit of work, but happy to report a brand new tire!

Now Roscoe was a different story!


I woke up a week ago Friday to find a flat back tire. I have NEVER changed a tire that big…

Add to it, this bike on the showroom floor was set up for tubeless tires, like a car. I asked them to make it tubes since I know how to work with those.

What a didn’t realize is tubeless tires have a glue/sealant that keeps the air in….  I had to fight this to get the tire off the wheel. There may have been some cussing….  I got it off, put on the new tube, fought the  tire back on and, it went flat immediately! Either the new tube was bad or I mangled it when putting on the tire back on.

THEN there was cussing! The cats hid under the bed, children across the street were crying, and Michelle was avoiding the garage at all costs!!!

In the end though, there was success!!  Both bikes are up and running again! And I apologized to both Michelle and the cats! (the across the street kids still run away from me screaming for their mom….)

Last week,  one day after work was a rare ride  It started out foggy and cool. But I still was able to spot two bald eagles at Depoe Bay

Further in, after 2 years, I FINALLY got a photo of this guy spouting!

Its the little things that make you smile!

But as I kept riding, the weather started improving. The clouds pushed offshore, the sun came out and warmed up. Check out this shot from the turn around point on top of Cape Foulweahter. And rare of rare events, VERY little wind!

One thing I should point out. Here on the coast all the state parks and official beach parking areas are closed. However, being on the bike allows be to follow the rules, yet still enjoy the view. There is no room for a car here, but the bike and I are outside the “Keep Out” area!

The beach has been fun and interesting!

First off, I saw more fishing boats off shore, in one place, than I ever had before. There were over 10 of them but this was the most I could get in one shot!

Turns out they were fishing for squid! Had no idea.

I was being watched during this walk though.

But as you can see its the busiest beach on the coast right now!

The beach itself has been through some changes!

I posted once before that the beach is alive.  It breathes in and out gathering and losing sand.

Not sure you believe me?  Well check this out. Two weeks ago, this is what it looked like in front of this rock.

Solid rocks and seaweed.

I walked there this week and now it looks like this.

That is the exact same rock, but now it is covered in sand! No lie, in just a week.  I love my beach!

OH! And check out the giant piece of asparagus (ok driftwood) that was the newest addition to the beach walk.

It is WAY to wet and cold to walk the beach today, but we will see if I can tomorrow. I wonder if there will be something new again!

Meanwhile in the back yard…

Here is one of the 3 culprits that are grabbing and devouring the bird seed from my feeder!  He is too cute to get mad at though. So I just fill it half full nowadays. I guess if its ok to feed the birds, why not the deer.

The hairy woodpecker was back as well! Always makes me happy to see him!

Finally let’s talk rocks!

On the same beach walk where I saw the fishing boats, I also found the COOLEST piece of petrified wood! I had no idea, until recently, that we had petrified wood on the beach. This looked so much like a piece of driftwood I almost ignored it, but it was just a bit different looking….

This last Thursday, I found the sphinx! Who knew the ancient Egyptians got here…

The BIG news (ok for a rock geek like me!) is the rock tumbling!

Y’all know I have had the tumbler going for a while working on the agates.

I had a couple of batches finish, but I just wasn’t happy with them. Other people’s look shiny and pretty, mine had a very dull finish…

However, the itnerwebs are a wonderful thing! Turns out this is common. The suggestion was to get a bar of ivory soap, bust out the Swiss Army knife and shave about a 1.5 tablespoons into the drum with the rocks and water, then tumble a couple days….

Wait for it…



Happy Tony!!

So all in all a great couple of weeks!

Michelle and I are on Staycation all this week. It aint Italy, but it is sleeping in, taking a break and relaxing!

More importantly! Michelle plans to make as many new things in the kitchen as she can during this week! I plan to eat them!!

Day one, yesterday, was homemade, from scratch bowlines!!  OHMYGAWD they are good!

I will do my part and eat each thing she makes, as well as help clean up afterwards!

Stay safe everyone!

Like the wind!


4 thoughts on “I think I missed a week!

  1. I heard that in the outside world, there are so few people now that the animals are taking over. Sheep walking down the middle of the streets, pigs doing window-shopping, and? You be careful out there, you might be outnumbered… watch out for the crows….

  2. Holy asparagus, Batman! And holy mega shiny rocks! V.e.r.y p.r.e.t.t.y. 🙂

    Wow, I’m impressed that you wore your tires down to the red line. That’s a badge of honor, for sure! Now that you’re skilled in changing flats and tires, I’ll start bringing my bikes down to you for maintenance. I swap out tires on my bikes at least a few times a year, and it is NEVER something I look forward to. Though, I have learned that if I go straight to cussing, the tires come off much faster! 🙂 As for tubeless tires, those things are a royal pain in the arse. IMHO, they aren’t worth the hassle.

    1. I was Uber excited about the rocks! Another ivory soap tumble comes out today!

      I will remember the cuss early part! I am holding off on the front tire change A) cuz there is no stripe and B) the neighbors might kick me out of the neighborhood if I start yelling again!

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