Who did I meet on my beach walk tonight?

Hi Y’all!

So two years ago, when we first moved here, May hit and I swear it didn’t rain all month! We, here at the coast, were in a drought. Outdoor fires, even on the beach were soon banned and it was dry as a tater chip!

This year? Not so much! Its been raining off and on for the last couple of weeks. Today, I did a beach walk, 6.5 miles from the car at Gleneden Beach to Siletz Bay and back. It was dry when I got there, but it didn’t stay that way long!

But hey, I am a coast kid. If I gave up evey time a little rain fell, I’d never leave the house! Given what I ended up seeing, I am VERY glad I kept going…

Remember the Sesame Street Song “Who are the people in your neighborhood”? I felt like that today! The more I walked the more I saw. So for me it was “who did I meet on the beach walk” this evening?

First it Winona Whimbrel, she and her family were walking the beach looking for dinner.

They always look so prim and proper when they walk. Usually I am lucky so see one. These last few walks I have see 5 and 6 at a time. This last Saturday afternoon, I got lucky and caught this shot of a flock of them.

Sorry, I got side tracked, back to today.

So as I walked watching the Whimbrel family looking for food near the waves, aomething big caught my eye further away from the water.

Yep! Beauregard B. Eagle was walking the beach with me! I almost missed him.

With those legs, though he is NOT the best walker. He decided to stop strolling and took to wing. He is not the social type, you know.

It was raining harder now, but shoot, I knew I wasn’t going to melt. Truth to be told, its wasn’t cold at all and not that windy. So on I went!

Soon I came upon baby Sally Sealion

I did NOT want to bother her!  Momma Sealions leave babies on shore while they hunt. On a busy beach, I would have considered calling the Baby Seal Rapid Response Team (we have one of those). I was on Salishan spit, miles from any tourist entry spot, and not a soul in sight during the entire walk. I didn’t see the need to call anyone.

I just walked way around her, giving her all the room she needed.  She was gone by the time I came back by heading for the car.

At the turn around point, Siletz Bay, I ran into Hector the great blue heron looking for dinner.

Hector and his friends have been spending a lot of time on the Salishan Spit these last couple of weeks, the fishing must be good!

At this point, it was time to turn around. Suddenly, I was walking INTO instead of with the wind. Yep, I was getting a bit wetter, but I was dressed for it and kept going. I really didn’t have a choice, I was over 3 miles from the car and no way, unless I wanted to swim, to back home without walking to the car.

It was raining hard enough I had to put the camera and cell phone in the plastic bag I was carrying in the back backpack. That meant I couldn’t get a picture of Velma, the Turkey Vulture who was having dinner (and thereby cleaning up the beach) as I walked back.

I will tell you, aside from Hector the Heron, is is VERY rare that I see any one of the things I showed you here. Let alone all of them. It is a beach night to remember.

I got back to the car soaked to the bone, but smiling all the same. Humming the song, “who are the people in your neighborhood….”


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