Mrs. Oregon Coast Cyclist!

Wow… I totally fell off the regular blog post wagon!!!

I went back and took a look at the last post, and all the photos I have taken since then.  Yep it has been awhile!

I think though you will see that with all the events that have been happening, that the delay is understandable.

So, lets make sure we cover the important parts first. Michelle and I are healthy and still working. Our jobs can be annoying, as all work can be, but we are thankful we are working when so many aren’t.

The scary part around here is we are opening up to the world next week. Hotels open and the folks from the big cities, with a much greater frequency of Covid, will be flooding the town. Add to it, some just aren’t intelligent enough to understand how masking up can help (even though it was proven in the Spanish flu 100 years ago.) We could be in for a rough summer. Michelle and I plan to hunker over the upcoming weekends.

But enough worry, lets cover the last few weeks….

We have been continuing the new tradition of keeping a jig saw puzzle going on the dining room table. Since my last post, we have finished 3!

The bear was tough. It was only 500 pieces, but the leaves took a while.

Then there was the whole world This one was SO much fun, We kept discovering new animals as we finished sections!

Finally, a book store with a bike. Let me tell you, I had to struggle to keep up with Michelle on this one! In fact on both this one and the world above, she was in the zone!

We have a new one going, sorry I don’t have a photo. It has 4 dogs swimming underwater. It pretty darn cute! You will see for sure when it is done.

The bike rides have been going on whenever possible. Both the road bike and the Fat Tire gravel bike. I discovered a new logging road, and I have hopes I can use it to make it into a road/dirt loop ride. My first attempt ended with a dead end. but NOT before stumbling over a new friend. (Its a garter snake but locals call him a red racer) This is the first snake I’ve ever seen on the Oregon Coast. And truly one of the prettiest snakes I’ve ever seen in the wild.

In addition, I found the the coolest stream, the perfect place to sit and have a snack

Part of me thinks I should have something profound to say about it. The same stream having two distinct personalities. But alas, I go nuthin! But I have already been back once just to see it again.

While on the subject of bike rides. Our hero, the Oregon Coast Cyclist, did a good deed a couple of weeks ago.

As I was cruising along on the Gravel Bike, I happened to see this on the ground.

Yep, sure enough, someone lost what seemed like a NICE phone. You could tell it took an impact, but the case made by Otter Box saved the day. I later learned that this phone fell off the roof of the car at 50 mph. No damage!!! I have the same brand on my phone.

Luckily the phone wasn’t locked. However,  since I had never used an android phone before, it took me a while to figure it out.

I went to the messages and texted a couple of people to let them know I had found it. Asking that they someone let the owner know. Well, while I was eating my cooking, checking out a great view.

The owners daughter texted me with the owners neighbors phone number. I called her from the phone, and Pammie, went next door to find Sandy the owner. Sandy was SO happy! She thought it was lost for good. And, as luck may have it, her place was on my way home from the bike ride. I swung by, dropped of the phone and disappeared into the sunset! If only I had a silver bullet to leave her….

More on phones and bikes later!

OK, so on the day I discovered the stream above, it was the first day of 202 that it hit 70 degrees, and this after a VERY warm night before.

As I was fighting my way up a steep hill, I got a message from the neighbor, “What the hell are these bugs that are suddenly all over the place!!”

Somehow I have become the resident science nerd of the neighborhood.

On the first warm night of summer the queen ants and the males, the only ones with wings, take to the air to mate. The males crash and burn, giving their lives for the prorogation of the species. Meanwhile the young queens are EVERYWHERE looking for a nest. The wings soon fall off and they are found inside and out crawling all over to make a new nest. Many a bird ends up with a full tummy on this day. This was a couple of weeks ago, and just today I found a wingless wonder as I planted Michelle’s basil plants. It was NOT a fun day.

OK on to beach walks!

I’ve logged quite a few miles on the sand, which is of course one of my loves of living here!

This lady found herself a meal on the beach. I won’t tell you what it was.

This dapper scalawag of a whimbrel seems to have been doing the old soft shoe.

And I found a heart shaped agate it is currently in the polish stage in the rock tumbler.(more on agates soon! )


My favorite thing though, was earlier this week the GoPro and I found the best tide pool!

Did you see the cool crab? Well here he is!

OK on to the back yard.

Just this week we have a new regular to the feeder. A black headed Grosbeak (We call him The Groz)

And today a Pine Siskin

Yesterday Michelle spotted our first ever Goldfinch, but he got away without a photo. Hoping he brings back friends!

OK one last thing before the big news!

Back to Agates. I had one of the best rock tumbler results since I started this game! Check these out.

There were others as well. I am getting better at this!

OK on the news!

What has not gotten into the blog is that for the last 16 months, Michelle has been going through a major dental endeavor. When she was a kid, some very poor dentistry essentially killed the roots of he 4 front teeth. It was just a matter of time before they failed and one, or all,  came out.

January 2019, she had all 4 pulled out. The last 16 months have been in prep for implants. It was supposed to be done early in April, but a damn Global Pandemic hit! Finally they called, and this last Wednesday her new teeth were implanted! She is still a hurtin camper, but each day is better. When the pain is gone, she has a list of food she wants to eat!! Corn on the cob is just one! This is one brave woman I married! It has been some serious pain and annoyance for her over the last 1.5 years (imagine no front teeth for that long) I am so proud of her!

I said more on phones. One downside is I left my phone in the waiting room. In real towns this is no big deal. I woulda dropped her off at home and gone back. In small town Oregon Coast, the dentist is 2 hours  away. Luckily they like us and the phone came in the mail!

OK more good news! Check THIS out!

That ladies and gents is a new Rad Power Bike RadRunner Electric Assist bike! Michelle ordered it! Holy cow, my wife gets to ride with me!

But alas, being 2020, nuthin comes easy!!! It showed up on Tuesday. So there I was, armed with Allen wrenches, a Swiss army knife, a camping head lamp and a Youtube assembly video, putting Rad together! It was all done only to find this.

That little doohickey that hangs town should NOT be ported to the left! If she pedaled the chain fell off! SUCK!!!  I was CRANKY!!! Not a damn thing I could do to fix it!

The interaction with the company would be its own post. In the end though, Jung got me in touch with Peter at a bike shop in Corvallis , which is 90 minutes away. I sent him more photos. He told me, “Get it in her and I can fix it!”

Long story short, we were there yesterday when he opened. One hour and $20 later, we were heading home with a working bike! Today this happened!!

LOVE that smile! We did a good 11 mile shake down ride to our favorite bakery and back. Every time I looked in the rear view mirror she was smiling, and when she passed me going up hill she just giggled!

We will work up to longer rides as she gets used to it, but I have always wanted to share my two wheel adventures with her now I can!

Well that catches you up! Sorry for the long post! Stay safe everyone, mask up in public (yes it does help, don’t make me do a blog post to prove why) and give the people you love a hug!

Like the wind!



6 thoughts on “Mrs. Oregon Coast Cyclist!

  1. So glad you are well, I was just a little bit worried. All is well here. My husband is an unarmed security guard in a downtown Seattle building, he drives to work now. No one on the freeway, all buildings in downtown Seattle are locked and there is no one walking along on the streets.

  2. Such a great post with so many fun updates. But…I know that you know my absolute favorite part. 😊

    Welcome to biking, Michelle!!! You new bike is a beaut! ♥️🚲

  3. This is a great update! So cool that she will be able to join you on your rides! Best wishes for fast healing for her. My husband is just beginning the process.

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